November 3, 2023

Epoxy Garage Floor Installers | Columbus, TX

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Epoxy Technology Coatings is proud to be the best epoxy garage floor installers Columbus, TX. We also take pride in providing high-quality epoxy flooring options for your homes. Our team of professionals has years of experience and is dedicated to making sure every customer is happy. We can turn your ordinary garage floors into unique, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing areas.

Epoxy flooring makes a barrier that can’t be broken through, so it’s very resistant to water, chemicals, and spots. Besides being useful, these floors have a smooth, high-gloss finish that makes any room look better right away. Call us today at our Houston location! You can also get inspired by photos of our previous work.

epoxy garage floor installers Columbus, TX

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Why Should You Hire Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Columbus, TX?

People should look for epoxy garage floor installers who focus on three important factors: knowledge, quality, and customer service. We bring that exact thing to the table. Over the years, we at Epoxy Technology Coatings have worked to become the best epoxy flooring company in the surrounding areas.

With a beautiful, long-lasting epoxy coating, our properly trained team can change the look of your garage, basement, or any other home floor. We can give you a basic design or a pattern and color that are just right for you. Not only do our epoxy finishes look good, but they also don’t stain with oil, don’t absorb water, and are very easy to clean.

How Does Our Installation Process Work?

Our construction process is organized and quick so that it doesn’t get in the way of your daily life too much. The first thing our team does is clean the surface and get it ready for the glue to stick to it. Then, a high-quality epoxy glue is put on top. This process makes an adhesive bond that makes the coating strong, immune to damage, and long-lasting.

epoxy garage floor installers Columbus, TX

We have very talented epoxy garage floor installers.

We can turn your porch, patio, or garage into a beautiful, high-performance surface in just a few hours. The best thing about epoxy finishing is that it doesn’t need much upkeep. Your floor will always look shiny and new with just a dust mop or mild cleaner.

Our careful and quick epoxy floor installation process is something we’re proud of at Epoxy Technology Coatings. We have perfected a process that guarantees the best results every time after transforming many floors and the surrounding areas. Several important steps are needed to do this:

  • Evaluate and Talk to People: As the first step in our process, we talk about your unique needs and look at your current floor. When we work on your garage, basement, family room, or kitchen, we take the time to understand what you want and what you expect. We give you a thorough quote based on our evaluation, making sure that fairness and openness are at the forefront of our minds.
  • Get the Surface Ready: Good preparation of the area is important for an epoxy floor that lasts. We make sure that the floor doesn’t have any grease, dirt, or coats on it. In this step, the surface is sometimes ground down to make it clean and porous, which is perfect for epoxy to stick to.
  • Fix the Cracks: The next step is to fix any cracks, holes, or other flaws in the current floor. We fill these in with a high-quality fix product and then smooth the whole surface to make sure it is even and stop any problems from happening again.
  • Applying the Primer: One important step in our process for putting down an epoxy floor is priming the floor. The primer goes deep into the concrete to make sure that the epoxy sticks well.
  • Mixing the Epoxy Coating and Applying It: Then, our professionals mix and put on the epoxy finish perfectly. To do this, professional-grade tools must be used to spread the mixture evenly across the floor for a smooth, perfect finish.
  • Applying the Top Coat: Putting on a protective top coat is an extra step that is strongly suggested. The top coat gives your epoxy flooring an extra layer of protection, making it last longer and giving it a shiny finish.
  • Time to Cure: The last thing to do is to let the concrete floor dry. During this important step, which usually lasts 24 to 72 hours, the floor shouldn’t be walked on to make sure the finish is perfect. The end result is a beautiful, long-lasting, high-gloss floor that can handle chemicals, spills, and a lot of foot traffic.

Epoxy Technology Coatings makes sure that each of these steps is done perfectly and with skill. As experts in installing concrete garage floors, we never skimp on quality because we are committed to being the best. We really enjoy what we do, and we think you will, too.

epoxy garage floor installers Columbus, TX

Our garage floor resurfacing services are top-tier. Find our epoxy garage floor installers today!

Our Promise as Reliable Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Epoxy Technology Coatings is more than just an epoxy company that installs garage epoxy floors. We are here to help you make your home look better and work better. We understand that each home is different, which is why we give each flooring job our own unique touch. Our job is to give you a floor that not only works well for you but also fits in with the style and decor of your home.

We also believe in clear communication at all stages of the process, from the initial meeting to the final review. Our main goal is to make sure you are happy with the work we do. We are known as the best epoxy garage floor installers Columbus, TX, because we are dedicated to quality and customer service.

Epoxy Technology Coatings wants every garage or home floor to be the right mix of good looks, long life, and energy efficiency. If you hire us to install your concrete garage floor, you can be sure that you will get a top-notch floor. Get ready to experience the greatness, quality, and dedication that Epoxy Technology Coatings has come to stand for. Get in touch with us right away, and we’ll use concrete to make your floors look brand new.

Fun Facts About Columbus, TX:

  • Columbus was founded in 1821.
  • Columbus is set along the Colorado River.
  • The city hosts a number of well-known events every year, such as the Live Oaks and Dead Folks Tour.