October 23, 2023

Epoxy Floor Installation | Columbus, TX

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Welcome to Epoxy Technology Coatings, the best company for epoxy floor installation Columbus, TX. Our business is to turn the floors of your commercial areas into amazing works of art that are not only nice to look at but also long-lasting and easy on the wallet. We also offer our services to residential areas.

Let’s learn more about epoxy flooring and how we can make your businesses more valuable. We’ll also look at why installing an epoxy floor is a great choice for your company. To get started, call us today at one of our Houston locations.

epoxy floor installation Columbus, TX

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What Is Epoxy Flooring & Epoxy Floor Installation Columbus, TX?

To make epoxy flooring, multiple layers of epoxy are put on top of a floor’s surface to a depth of at least two millimeters. The depth of the epoxy is what makes an epoxy floor different from an epoxy floor coating. An epoxy floor is at least two millimeters thick, but an epoxy floor coating is only a few millimeters thick.

Why Epoxy Floor Installation?

Choosing epoxy flooring has many benefits, such as being long-lasting, resistant, and affordable. It’s been years since the concrete floor was put down, but it still looks great. There are also no chips, cracks, chemical spills, or other signs of wear and tear that can damage it.

You can use the resistance factor to make something even stronger against water, oil, and other liquids. This keeps your business place clean and safe while cutting down on maintenance costs.

Epoxy floors are inexpensive because they don’t need to be replaced long after being put down. A smooth, shiny finish on concrete floors makes your business look new and professional. This raises the value of the space.

Our Services for Epoxy Technology Coatings

Epoxy Technology Coatings is an expert in epoxy floor installation Columbus, TX. Our team is properly trained to install epoxy floors of all kinds, including solid, blended flake, and metallic epoxy floors.

For most epoxy floor installs, we put down several layers of epoxy on top of your current floor until they reach a depth of two millimeters. Our experts will work with you to find the best color and finish choices that meet both your aesthetic and practical needs.

If you want a really unique finish, we can also put down silver epoxy floors. Shiny epoxy floors use a shiny pigment that gives your floors a unique, three-dimensional, swirled look that can’t be copied.

Lastly, we can put in an asphalt floor in your garage. This service turns your dark garage into a professional, clean, and bright place to work that is resistant to scratches, chips, chemicals, spots, and wear and tear on the surface.

We have installed a huge number of concrete floors, so we have the experience and knowledge to give you the best service possible. Our skills have been fine-tuned by years of hard work and strict training. Because we are so skilled, we can give you a wide range of color and style choices that will work with any design.

Your happiness is the most important thing to us. We make sure to work closely with our clients and provide professional advice throughout the whole process. Our goal is to make your vision come true while upholding the highest standards in the business.

epoxy floor installation Columbus, TX

No matter what epoxy floor coating you choose, you are getting some of the best-designed floors on the market. Get epoxy floor installation today!

What Is Our Epoxy Floor Installation Process?

Our process for installing an epoxy floor at Epoxy Technology Coatings is meant to be precise, quick, and make you happy. When we install epoxy floors, we follow a set of steps to ensure the floors are high quality, durable, and beautiful.

First Meeting and Evaluation

We start the process with a meeting and a full inspection of the space where the epoxy floor will be installed. This helps us understand your exact needs, tastes, and the amount of work needed. After we check out the place, we give you a clear, detailed quote with no hidden costs.

Preparing the Surface

Carefully preparing the surface is the key to a good epoxy floor. First, we clean your floor well to eliminate any oil, grease, or dirt. Next, we fix any holes, cracks, or other damage to make sure the surface is flat and smooth.

Preparing the Floor

An important part of the process is priming the floor. This step makes it easier for the epoxy to stick to the floor and also makes the end product last longer. It also helps to cover up small flaws on the surface.

Installation Epoxy

Our skilled workers put down several coats of epoxy resin, making sure that the floor is at least two millimeters deep to be called an epoxy floor. How many layers and thick they are depends on what the client wants and the area used for.

Install A Sealing Layer

Your concrete floor needs time to cure after it’s been put down. It can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to cure, based on the brand and type of epoxy used. We install a sealing layer on the floor once it is fully dry. This gives the floor a shiny look and makes it more resistant to damage.

Final Review

The review and handover are the last steps in our process. We take the time to carefully check the finished product to ensure it meets our high-quality standards and makes you happy. We also give you the care and maintenance steps you need to keep your epoxy floor looking good and lasting a long time.

If you need an epoxy floor installed, Epoxy Technology Coatings is the best company to work with. Our installation process is meant to give your commercial space a flooring solution that works well, doesn’t cost too much, and looks good. Epoxy Technology Coatings has a skilled, experienced, and willing team to work together to make your ideas come to life.

epoxy floor installation Columbus, TX

We have tons of solid color options for your epoxy floor installation!

Choose Us For Optimal Epoxy Floor Installation

Are you ready to change the look of your business space with flooring options that are long-lasting, affordable, and stylish? Our team at Epoxy Technology Coatings is excited to help you with your epoxy floor installation needs.

We believe in providing durable and visually pleasing industrial flooring options for all business settings. Our professionals are dedicated to making sure that the whole process goes smoothly and quickly. When you work with us, we can add the quality and beauty of epoxy flooring to your business area. Check us out to learn more about the services we offer.

Fun Facts About Columbus, TX:

  • Columbus’s history goes back to 1823.
  • The majestic live oak trees and the beautiful Colorado River make up Columbus’s scenery.
  • Columbus is the site of many events, such as the Live Oaks and Dead Folks tour, a ghost tour with some of the town’s famous people.