October 31, 2023

Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Near Me | Brenham, TX

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Upgrade your commercial garage or auto shop with the help of epoxy garage floor installers near me Brenham, TX. Epoxy floor coatings are a popular choice for many commercial and industrial settings. Change how your parking garage or workspace looks with a simple but durable coating of epoxy. Epoxy Technology Coatings can show you what it means to have a flooring solution that’s practical and beautiful.

Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Near Me Brenham, TX

Epoxy Technology Coatings is a team of epoxy garage floor installers near me that provides quality solutions.

What is an epoxy floor coating?
If you put an epoxy floor coating on top of concrete floors, it makes the surface smooth, strong, and high-performing. It can last for years and hold heavy loads. In the process of making it, resin and hardener mix chemically to create a rigid plastic that is strong, doesn’t break down easily, and sticks very well to its base. Epoxy flooring is often used in garages, warehouses, and factories, but it’s also popular in homes because it looks good and is easy to clean.

How does epoxy benefit garage floors?
Epoxy coatings are durable and, most importantly, chemical-resistant. Considering cars drip and drop oil, grease, and various auto fluids, having a resistant floor is important for a clean space.

Our team of epoxy garage floor installers near me knows everything there is to know about protecting your garage floor against whatever your work, the cars, and other factors have to throw at it. Not only can we perfectly install an epoxy floor coating to protect the concrete base, but we also have hundreds of color options and designs that can bring a different look to your garage. Rely on our team to get what you need.

Benefits Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Near Me Brenham, TX Bring

The slim preview of benefits we talked about earlier is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to epoxy floor coatings. Firstly, epoxy coatings are a type of chemically-formed resin that hardens to form a durable layer on top of your concrete floor, protecting it from damage. It reduces the need to replace the actual floor of your garage or deep clean it of oil, grease, or chemical stains. The resin is formed through several layers to become a sturdy shield for your floor.

The layers of epoxy resin are durable and are resistant to many things. Epoxy is resistant to heat, water, impacts, abrasions, and chemicals. Not to mention, they can withstand a lot of weight, making them perfect for industrial settings with heavy machinery and garages with many cars. They’re also amazing in places with high foot traffic because you will rarely see any wear and tear. Epoxy also creates a slip-resistant surface, which can reduce risks.

One of the best things about epoxy is that it’s easy to clean. A perfect installation gives epoxy floors a smooth and seamless surface, which gives no chance for dirt or germs to accumulate for long. A regular cleaning will suffice to keep the surface clean. You can even use your favorite cleaning solutions because epoxy’s chemical-resistant properties will prevent the color and design from fading.

Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Near Me Brenham, TX

Our Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Near Me Brenham, TX will show you what it means to install a seamless surface.

There’s More to Epoxy Designs Than You Think

Epoxy has many colors and designs that can match almost any setting. Epoxy Technology Coatings alone has over 200 colors and designs that you can choose from. You can even choose multiple colors to form a logo or denote certain sections on your floor. You can separate colors into the following categories:

  • Solid Colors – As the name suggests, these are solid, singular colors. Popular colors are tan, gray, and white, but we also have colors like pink and teal for a dynamic look.
  • Metallic Colors – Applied correctly, metallic epoxy can create shapes and waves that look like natural marbling without actually being marble.

Of course, epoxy designs don’t end there. There is more to epoxy than simple color choices. You can also add depth to the design with blended and brindle flakes. The flakes themselves also come in their own colors, so you can completely customize your epoxy design to bring out the best of your floors.

Flakes have their own advantages. For one, having flakes in the design can make it easier to hide any dirt or dust that you haven’t been able to clean up. Cars, passengers, and workers tend to trek whatever the outside has to offer with their treads and shoes. It’s too much to ask them to wash their tires before they drive in, so having flakes can make it easier to hide the tread marks while you’re busy with something else.

Not to mention you can also choose between a glossy or matte finish. Having a glossy sheen can actually make a room brighter. The reflective aspects of a glossy finish can brighten up darker areas of the room without relying on additional lighting sources. It can make working in a garage easier and reduces accidents because it’s easier to see.

For the best results, you’ll want to rely on a team of epoxy garage floor installers near me. Epoxy Technology Coatings has been helping commercial garages and auto shops since 2005. We have experience installing epoxy in various commercial and industrial settings. We can help you upgrade your concrete floor to an epoxy one next.

Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Near Me Brenham, TX

Even garages can look great with the help of epoxy garage floor installers near me.

Epoxy is What You Need

Epoxy Technology Coatings has more than enough experience to help you install a new epoxy floor coating for your garage. We’re the epoxy garage floor installers near me that you can rely on. Call our team today to schedule a meeting with the experts.

Although we’re based in Houston, that hasn’t stopped us. We’ve helped clients in, around, and beyond the borders of Houston with installing an epoxy floor. See how far we’ll go to help our clients with what they need. We’ll show you that our epoxy garage floor installers near me are just what you need for your floor solution.

Brenham, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Brenham is the county seat of Washington County.
  • Washington County is called the “Birthplace of Texas.”
  • The city hosts an annual German heritage festival called Maifest every May.