May 7, 2024

Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation | Houston, TX

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A proper epoxy garage flooring installation Houston, TX can keep your concrete garage floors protected. Epoxy Technology Coatings has years of experience under our belt. We’ve worked with residential and commercial garage floors before, and we can work on yours. We’ll give you a seamless epoxy garage flooring installation that can protect your floor while giving your garage a pop of style.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation Houston, TX

A professional epoxy garage flooring installation will last longer than one you do yourself.

What is epoxy?
Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardener. Together, they become a resilient and sturdy coating on your garage floor. Technically, they can be installed on top of any smooth floor, but they’re most often used on concrete. And, as luck would have it, most residential and commercial garages have concrete floors.

Is epoxy a clear coating?
Although the most basic epoxy floors can be clear, epoxy comes in various colors and styles. Whether you want a solid or metallic color, add flakes for more depth, or use different colors to denote lanes, our team can do it for you.

A professional epoxy garage flooring installation might be the best solution if you want something functional that adds more style to your garage. Of the available flooring systems, epoxy is a fan favorite because of its durability, design variety, and easy maintenance. Contact us today to learn more.

Commercial Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation Houston, TX

When people think about commercial garages, most think of parking garages or auto shops. And, of course, the common denominator between these two locations is the weight of multiple cars, foot and vehicular traffic, and the occasional exposure to the elements. Not everyone’s a mathematician, but anyone can add two and two together to see that these garage floors need something sturdy to withstand oil, impacts, chemicals, and whatever else hits them.

Commercial garage floors need to be clean and sturdy to handle heavy cars, oil spills, grease, and other harsh conditions. This is pretty easy to do with epoxy-coated floors. When epoxy is used, it makes a smooth and uniform surface, which is much easier to clean and maintain. This not only keeps things looking professional, but it also keeps things clean.

Another great thing about epoxy flooring is that it lasts a long time, which is important for garages. These polyaspartic garage floor coatings can handle the heavy traffic that usually happens in a garage without getting damaged by scratches, chemicals, oil, and stains.

Epoxy floors also have important safety features. Their shiny finish makes it easier to see in low light, making the garage brighter. Special anti-slip additives can be added to improve grip, reducing the number of slips and falls in a place with many possible safety hazards.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation Houston, TX

Epoxy Technology Coatings has the right team for your Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation Houston, TX.

Finally, epoxy flooring for commercial spaces is completely customizable and comes in many designs. Commercial garages can keep their clean and professional look by using various colors and designs.

Residential Epoxy Garage Floors

We might install epoxy for commercial garages, but that doesn’t stop us from bringing the benefits to a personal garage. Rather than relying on store-bought, DIY epoxy floor coatings in Houston, rely on us. Epoxy Technology Coatings uses commercial-grade epoxy floor coating systems for all of our projects, whether at your industrial complex or home.

Residential garages are often used as workshops, storage, and recreation areas. This means they are open to many things that can damage a normal concrete floor. Epoxy floors have a tough finish that can handle mechanical hits, oil and other chemical stains, and normal wear and tear from people walking and driving on them. This makes it great for the heavy use that happens in garages for homes.

Everyone who owns a home wants low upkeep, and epoxy flooring is great. The smooth surface is simple to clean and doesn’t need much upkeep. It doesn’t show dust or spots and is simple to wipe or mop clean, which saves time and effort.

Another thing that private garage owners like about epoxy flooring is how it looks. Epoxy comes in many colors and artistic effects, so people can make their garage look and feel how they want. They can pick between a sleek, high-gloss finish or a more subdued, matte look. There are also a lot of color choices, and you can add patterns or even a logo.

Choose Your High-Quality Epoxy Design

Epoxy floor designs are unique because they can be used in many ways. Your epoxy garage flooring installation can come in multiple colors or a simple flake pattern. Because it lets you make many changes, each floor is a unique work of art.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation Houston, TX

Whether at your business or your home, expert Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation Houston, TX is crucial for your floor’s longevity.

Metallic resin is a favorite among our clients. By adding a shiny pigment to the epoxy, metallic epoxy floors have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind 3D look. These floors can look like beautiful natural things, like marbling, or they can be made with fanciful designs that give them a beautiful, unique look.

The blended or brindle chip or flake systems are another way to create something. In this picture, small colored chips or flakes are spread out on the wet cement. This creates a textured, multicolored floor surface that gives the design more depth.

Epoxy can be customized with logos or other graphic elements, making it great for branding or personalizing a space. A unique design or color scheme can be created, including splashes of different colors, geometric patterns, or images.

Because of this, epoxy floor designs can fit a wide range of style tastes, from simple and sleek to bright and full of details. They can be used to express yourself in both personal and business settings, and they don’t just provide a durable surface and show off your artistic vision.

Time for a Floor Coating Installation

Nothing looks or feels better than knowing that your floors are protected and look good. When you want to give your concrete floors a new makeover, choose epoxy. Call our team today to learn how our professional services can help your epoxy floors last longer. We’re based in Houston, so our team can drive to any business or home in our local communities and get started on your epoxy garage flooring installation.

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