November 3, 2023

Epoxy Resin Garage Floor | Missouri City, TX

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Is it time to upgrade your concrete floor to an epoxy resin garage floor Missouri City, TX? If it is, Epoxy Technology Coatings can help you take it from there. Not only is installing epoxy flooring our bread and butter, but we also have various color options and designs that match any setting. Learn more about our epoxy services when you call our team today.

Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Missouri City, TX

We can show you how a new epoxy resin garage floor can change everything about the space.

Why should you upgrade your concrete garage floor?
Although concrete is a popular, affordable option, it comes with its shortcomings. For one, concrete is susceptible to stains, water, cracks, and other types of damage. When those accumulate enough, you may have to redo or repair your concrete floor completely. Not to mention, it’s slippery when it’s wet, lacks customization opportunities, and is cold and hard to walk on.

That’s why you want to upgrade your concrete floor to an epoxy resin garage floor. There are many benefits to having an epoxy floor. This type of flooring is often found in various commercial settings, but it can also be installed in a residential garage. Leave it to the professionals to install your new epoxy resin garage floor perfectly for you.

What is an Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Missouri City, TX?

An epoxy resin garage floor is a type of flooring that uses epoxy resin. This material is great for garage floors because it doesn’t get worn down, stained, damaged, or damaged by chemicals. Furthermore, it is very long-lasting and won’t crack or peel for many decades. Considering its inherent durability and resistance, it’s a popular option in commercial spaces like warehouses, hangars, and factories.

Epoxy resin can also give garage floors a shiny finish that makes the whole thing look better. Because it comes in different colors, people can make their garage floors match the style of their home. Best of all, epoxy resin is not slippery, even though it is shiny. The fact that many epoxy finishes have non-slip ingredients makes them a safe choice, especially in a garage where oils and other liquids could spill.

This floor finish is easy to clean and keep after it’s been put down; a mop and mild detergent are usually all you need. It can make any garage look and work a lot better, changing it from a simple storage space to a workspace that looks like it was designed by a professional.

Putting epoxy resin on a garage floor is something you can do yourself, but you need to make sure the surface is clean and free of grease, that any cracks or chips are fixed, and sometimes the concrete needs to be etched to make sure the resin sticks well. That’s why many people would rather hire professionals to do this job because it can be hard work, and mistakes can cause the coating to peel and chip.

Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Missouri City, TX

Check out how a new Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Missouri City, TX can change the outlook of your garage.

Your Garage, Your Colors

Not only is an epoxy resin garage floor functional, but it’s also completely customizable to match your preferences. Depending on the company you hire to install your epoxy floor, you’ll have a different variety of epoxy colors and designs to choose from. If you go with Epoxy Technology Coatings, we have over 200 for you to choose from.

Solid Colors: Regular epoxy finishes come in a lot of solid colors, from bright and bold tones that aren’t as bright. For a clean, modern look, pick a light gray color. For a more dramatic look, pick a black or blue color.

Chip Systems: A chip system could give your car a more artistic look. To make this look like terrazzo, small chips or flakes of different colors, sizes, and shapes are spread out in the wet epoxy. You can keep the colors basic for a soft look or pick brighter colors for a more interesting look. Epoxy Technology Coatings has blended and brindle flakes.

Metallic Colors: Metallic epoxy resin is a stylish choice for people who want a garage floor that stands out. It has a shiny finish and can be used to make abstract designs or scenes from nature like water or clouds moving. Our team applies metallic epoxy in a special way that will make your epoxy resin garage floor look like marble.

Custom Logos and Patterns: Some professionals who work with epoxy resin flooring can even make logos, patterns, or designs that are unique to the job. This could be the name of your favorite sports team, a car brand, or an abstract picture. You can discuss the details of what we can do when you call our office.

Choose Your Finish: You can also decide how shiny or not shiny you want your epoxy resin garage floor. We have matte finishes and high gloss finishes. Glossier finishes make the epoxy more reflective, which in turn can make your garage brighter without the need for additional lighting.

As always, if you’re not sure how a color or pattern will look, ask the installer for a sample. We have a gallery of our past work that will let you see the quality of our previous work. Not to mention, you can browse through several of our color choices. If you have a custom color you would like us to use instead, we can discuss the details to ensure that your epoxy resin garage floor is exactly what you’re looking for.

Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Missouri City, TX

Get yourself an epoxy resin garage floor that looks as great as your cars.

Design Your Garage Your Way

An epoxy resin garage floor can transform the entire outlook of your garage. Whether you’re using it as a simple storage space, the grand gallery of your car collection, or another hang-out spot, you’ll want a floor that matches what you’re using it for. Call our team to learn more about how we can help you.

We’ve been installing epoxy floors for clients throughout the Houston area. Your epoxy resin garage floor can be our next success story.

Missouri City, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The first railroad in Texas went through Missouri City.
  • The city was officially registered in 1894.
  • Even now, the railroad is still an important and heavily operated railroad line.