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Better Solutions Than Auto Shop Floor Paint | Houston, TX

If you’re looking for Houston, TX auto shop floor paint, you should be aware that there are much better ways to spruce up your flooring than a simple coat of paint. Epoxy Technology Coatings of Houston offers high-quality epoxy floor colors that not only provide a burst of color for your surfaces but also extreme durability.

While painting may seem like the obvious option for brightening up a space or covering up old stains or cracks, we believe that your auto garage deserves better. Not only can our epoxy breathe new life into your auto shop’s style, but it will also provide a strong surface that’s water, heat, impact, and slip-resistant. Stains from oil or fluid spills are a thing of the past with our protective flooring. Even tire marks are no match for our resin coating.

Our epoxy resin coating systems are available in 200 different colors and come in a variety of styles to suit your taste. All of our colors come in solid, blended flake, brindle flake, and lava flow metallic options, providing you with a wide variety of stylish garage floor coatings. Choose a matte, gloss, or high-gloss finish for your flooring to make it blend in with its surroundings or shine bright.

Houston, TX auto shop floor paint

Our epoxy resin mixes are much stronger than Houston, TX auto shop floor paint.

What is Epoxy, and Why Is It Effective?

At first glance, epoxy resin coatings may appear to be just like any auto shop floor paint. However, we guarantee that epoxy provides plenty of benefits that Houston, TX auto shop floor paint cannot.

Epoxy isn’t actually a garage floor paint at all; it’s a resin with strong adhesive properties and excellent durability. Resin combined with a curing agent reacts to begin the hardening process. The end result can then be used in industrial and commercial settings for bonding and adhesion.

Auto enthusiasts may already be aware of a few of epoxy resin’s benefits; epoxy can be used to glue and connect car parts to each other. It has high resistance to chemicals, moisture, heat, and electricity. Epoxy resin is commonly used for coating gym, hospital, and factory floors.

An existing concrete floor can be greatly improved with epoxy resin, increasing its strength and resistance to impact. The resin coating also prevents liquids, oils, dust, or other materials from penetrating the concrete.

Though the epoxy resin itself is lightweight, its strength is not to be taken lightly. In fact, it has quite an impressive weight-to-strength ratio that makes it great for multiple kinds of projects. Its only real weakness is exposure to UV light, which can cause it to yellow and look like chalk. However, this drawback doesn’t stop epoxy resin from strengthening indoor areas and flooring, which makes it perfect for replacing auto shop floor paint.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Epoxy is much easier to clean than standard concrete surfaces. Due to the porous nature of concrete, it can absorb liquids and odors, causing it to become permanently stained or tainted with unpleasant smells. When adhered to the top of concrete, epoxy resin can fill in cracks and gaps to form a smooth surface that is impenetrable for most chemicals and materials.

Oil stains and tire tracks are things of the past when you have heavy-duty, chemical-resistant epoxy resin coatings on your floors. No matter how much degreaser or brake fluid spills on the ground, it won’t damage the epoxy surface. No need to power wash your auto shop floors – all you have to do is get a mop and bucket to clean up any messes. Choose the strongest cleaning agent you like to sanitize surfaces without worrying about damaging the floor.

Houston, TX auto shop floor paint

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Practical and Pleasing

Garage floor epoxy has even more incredible benefits to improve the safety and resilience of your workplace: it’s slip and impact-resistant. You can safely walk around on epoxy surfaces with a much smaller chance of slipping and falling. And should you drop a heavy object, such as a large metal toolbox, your floor won’t crack under the pressure or even chip.

Better yet, epoxy resin comes in plenty of beautiful colors that make it just as vibrant as any Houston, TX auto shop floor paint. You can choose to match your existing shop fixtures or contrast them for a unique, eye-catching style. For a more conservative look, choose one of our solid epoxy floor colors to adorn your surfaces. Sable Grey or Medium Grey can mimic the look of regular concrete, or you can go bold with Mocha or Sky Blue.

Our blended and brindle flake epoxy mixes are great for providing visual texture to your floors. Blended flakes are great for a more natural style, and brindle flakes are perfect for giving your floors a metallic sheen. If you really want to up the ante, choose one of our incredible lava flow metallic epoxy colors for an elegant touch. Our metallic epoxy’s beautiful flowing effect will attract the eyes of your customers much more than any auto shop floor paint.

Houston, TX auto shop floor paint

We guarantee fast, effective installation of our epoxy products.

Who Are We?

Epoxy Technology Coatings of Houston has been in business since 2005, providing clients with gorgeous yet functional flooring solutions. Our impressive attention to detail and commitment to only using high-quality products for our installations has made us the best epoxy coating service in the Greater Houston area. We believe that our work speaks for itself, which is why we have a gallery of before and after photos showing the incredible improvements made with our epoxy resin coatings.

Epoxy Technology Coatings Can Improve Your Floors

Call us today to learn more about our incredible epoxy floor coatings. You can also visit one of our convenient office locations to discuss your project with us. With its durable finish and impressive resistance, our epoxy resin will prove to be a much more versatile flooring solution than Houston, TX auto shop floor paint.

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