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The Best Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors | Houston, TX

Houston TX commercial epoxy floor contractors

Not only do we resurface commercial properties, but we also can service residential buildings! You can be sure to trust us as your Houston, TX commercial epoxy floor contractors.

Quality and excellent customer service await when you hire the best Houston, TX commercial epoxy floor contractors in town! We specialize in high quality epoxy floor coatings to provide long-lasting protection for your floors. Our top-of-the-line epoxy services will ensure that your commercial area flooring will be kept clean and free of damage.

Epoxy Technology Coatings is dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality epoxy services. We install epoxy flooring in Houston and its surrounding areas for both residential and commercial areas. Our epoxy coatings offers long-lasting protection with its oil and chemical-resistant formulae. Our epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain, helping you save both time and money on householding and cleaning expenses.

We know just how difficult it can be to run a business, especially one with physical infrastructure that needs to be maintained. With Epoxy Technology Coatings at your corner, however, you can begin to keep your floor in good order and save thousands in the process. And though our epoxy floors are not cheap, they are long-lasting and come with tons of benefits that will make you bid your regular old floor adieu for good.

For residential and commercial applications, our epoxy floors can help turn your commercial area around. So don’t hesitate to call us today or visit us at our Houston office location. You won’t regret hiring us as your trusted, professional Houston, TX commercial epoxy floor contractors.

Houston, TX Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors

Epoxy is a mixture of hardener and epoxy resins, mixed into a coating that is stain, impact, and slip-resistant. Epoxy is an incredibly strong adhesive with strong resistance to chemical and heat. Epoxy coatings can be applied in most any commercial or residential area you wish, and is good for most any kind of floor, including concrete floors. Because of its strong protective properties, epoxy flooring is especially beneficial for areas such as warehouses, industrial plants, garages, and more that have hazardous material and heavy equipment.

In addition, epoxy is easy to apply by yourself if you’re a do-it-yourself type of person and there are many DIY kits available should you choose to do so. However, for safety and best results, it’s highly recommended that you hire professional commercial epoxy floor contractors to apply your epoxy coating. Epoxy fumes can lead to serious health conditions before it is properly cured; if you’re not careful, you could get sick in the application.

Fortunately, Epoxy Technology Coatings is here to help. We are the commercial epoxy floor contractors you need to get the job done right and well. If your warehouse or industrial plant floor is steadily resembling a swamp, consider an epoxy floor today. Businesses involving pets and other places with high foot traffic would benefit tremendously from an epoxy floor that can resist the worst of damage.

We offer a fast and free estimate, so don’t hesitate to call us today or visit us at our location! Epoxy Technology Coatings is here to improve your entire flooring system, whether commercial or residential.

Houston, TX commercial epoxy floor contractors

We will ensure we do everything necessary in the process to ensure you floors come out looking perfect. We are the commercial epoxy floor contractors you can trust.

Types of Epoxy

Epoxy is a highly durable material that can brighten up any room and leave your floors looking wonderful once more. Our expert team can apply epoxy coatings to most any area in your commercial or residential dwelling.

First, we measure, clean, and patch the area in question. Once applied, there are curing times of at least 12 hours for each coat. For optimal curing, we make sure the air temperature is between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, there are three types of epoxy out there. One type is solid epoxy, which is the most expensive epoxy, containing no solvents that evaporate. Because it is difficult to handle, professional epoxy floor contractors are the best equipped to apply solid epoxy.

Solvent-base epoxy, on the other hand, contain 40-60% solids, adhering well to concrete surfaces. However, these solvents are potentially hazardous, which will require the use of a respirator. Like solvent-based epoxy, water-base epoxy is comprised of 40-60% solids; however, these emit no hazardous solvent fumes. As a result, they have become an increasingly popular alternative to solvent-base epoxy.

No matter the kind of epoxy, you can be sure to enliven and protect your floor for good. Moreover, you don’t have to be stuck with a dull, aesthetically displeasing epoxy floor either. In fact, we offer epoxy of all kinds of colors and styles.

Consider a solid color epoxy floor with pigment and quartz stylings; or, if a solid color is too unexciting, consider our blended or brindle flake epoxies. For more information about our epoxy offerings, call our team today.

Houston TX commercial epoxy floor contractors

Our high-gloss floors are great for improving a room’s visibility. Hire us as your commercial epoxy floor contractors!

We Are the Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors You Can Trust

Commercial buildings such as industrial plants stand to benefit the most out of having an epoxy floor. Still, no matter what kind of business you have, you could reap the benefits of having an epoxy floor. Epoxy is long-lasting and resistant against not only oil and chemical spills, but also food and water as well. Epoxy coatings are a great investment, and the first step into turning your regular old floors around.

Epoxy is not only great for commercial areas, but for residential ones as well. If you’re tired of too-strenuous clean-ups, especially in your garage, consider an epoxy garage floor resistant to oil discharge and other vehicle by-products. You can be sure that you will have a shiny, gleaming floor that will be a delight to clean. We offer many different colors and styles of epoxy, from solid to brindle color flake to metallic epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has served our Houston, TX communities for many years, providing quality epoxy floor coatings that will breathe new life into your old floors again. So call Epoxy Technology Coatings today and trust us as your Houston, TX commercial epoxy floor contractors!

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