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Affordable Commercial Epoxy Flooring Near Me | Houston, TX

Houston, TX commercial epoxy flooring near me

Our Houston, TX commercial epoxy flooring near me will bring new life to any space.

As the best provider of Houston, TX commercial epoxy flooring near me, Epoxy Technology Coatings has experience dealing with all kinds of flooring projects. Since 2005, we’ve provided our excellent epoxy flooring services to residents of Houston and the surrounding areas.

Our selection of over 200 color mixes and high-quality epoxy resin mixtures sets us apart from our competitors. From residential garages to factory floors, our team has seen it all and knows how to handle any situation that requires the precise, professional touch of an epoxy expert.

Call us today to get a free quote on your project. We can come to your location to survey the area and scope of your flooring needs and provide an estimate for our work. Despite its versatility and professional applications, epoxy flooring is much more affordable than most people think. When you reach out to us, we can offer a quick, competitive quote.

Feel free to contact one of our convenient office locations for more information about our services. Our team offers unrivaled epoxy floor coating and can help improve your spaces. Whether you own a restaurant, parking garage, or warehouse, you can benefit from the masterful material known as epoxy resin.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Near Me & Its Uses

Epoxy resin is a highly durable adhesive material that’s used in many industrial applications, including use as a type of floor coating. It’s frequently used in the aeronautic and automotive industries to connect metal parts. It can also work as insulation inside electronics. Look around you – the room you’re currently in probably has at least one object made with epoxy or another type of resin.

Not only is epoxy an impressive adhesive, but it looks great, too. It can replace painted concrete flooring as a much stronger alternative that offers just as many color choices. With the addition of materials such as flakes or glitter, it can take on a unique, textured appearance. You can choose from a range of glossy or matte finishes to either brighten up a room with stunning reflectivity or create better grip and traction for anyone who walks across it.

Houston, TX commercial epoxy flooring near me

You won’t find a more incredible shine than our glossy commercial epoxy flooring near me!

Benefits of Epoxy as Floor Coating

Epoxy is incredibly strong as an adhesive. It can withstand heavy pressure of up to 10,000 pounds and sudden impacts. The shock of dropping large objects won’t affect an epoxy floor at all. If you work in a setting with heavy items or large equipment, you’ll want to know that your floor can stand up to anything that might fall on it.

Our epoxy is also quite resistant to heat. Did you know that most types of epoxy resin can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit? In addition to heat and flames, epoxy is resistant to electricity, water damage, and fairly strong chemicals and acids. Its only real weakness seems to be extended exposure to UV rays, which can cause it to lose its effectiveness and adhesive properties.

Using Houston, TX commercial epoxy flooring near me also makes cleaning rooms much more manageable. It boasts a smooth surface free of cracks, crevices, and bubbles when properly applied.

This means that you can simply sweep or mop away messes without worrying about debris getting trapped in small nooks and crannies in the floor.

Epoxy’s chemical and liquid resistance will keep it from getting stained or deteriorating, so you’ll never have to power wash your surfaces again. Simply choose a cleaning agent as powerful as you like to sanitize your floors.

Our Epoxy Colors and Types

We offer several types of epoxy mixes and have over 200 colors for you to choose from. We can create a custom mix just for you if you don’t see a color from our collection that you like.

Solid Epoxy Colors

Our solid epoxy floor colors are (insert words here). If you want your floor to mimic the concrete look, try our Medium or Sable Grey colors. Our Mocha, Dover Beige, and Tan color mixes are great neutrals for a toned-down look.

Factory or industrial floors can take advantage of the bright and alerting colors Safety Red and Yellow to mark off specific areas of the room for sections like walkways, forklift paths, or loading zones.

Houston, TX commercial epoxy flooring near me

Our Fire Red blended flake mix is sure to turn heads! Our commercial epoxy flooring near me is without compare.

Blended Flake Epoxy

The blended flake epoxy floor coverings we offer are great for mixing colors of any brightness you like. The chips we use are available in small, medium, and large sizes that can help you design a flooring pattern unlike any you’ve ever seen.

This adds great visual texture to floors, similar to the look of natural stone. Smaller chips will create more intricate designs. Choose any size and color of flakes you like to make incredible mixes like Fire Red, Saddle, and Brick.

Brindle Flake Epoxy

We offer beautiful brindle flake floor coverings as well, which are similar to our blended flakes but come with a metallic shine. These also give your floor a stone-like appearance, but the extra sheen provided by metallic flakes gives it a unique look.

We offer mixes such as Basalt, Cobalt, and Garnet, but feel free to get creative with your mix.

Metallic Epoxy Colors

Our gorgeous metallic epoxy colors are applied in a particular pattern that produces a unique marbling effect mimicking the look of flowing lava. These are perfect for areas that need a lot of pizazz, such as showrooms, restaurants, and other highly-visible public spaces.

Treat your guests to warm tones such as Sunset Orange, Suede, or Sunny Day. You can also give your room a cool, refreshing look with shades like True Blue, Maui, and Dolphin.

Check Out Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring Near Me

For the best epoxy flooring jobs in southeast Texas, contact Epoxy Technology Coatings. No other Houston, TX commercial epoxy flooring near me can match the quality of our products and excellent installation services.

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