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Concrete Floor Refinishing Contractors | Houston, TX

Are you looking for reliable Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors for both commercial and residential projects? Epoxy Technology Coatings has provided Houston area customers with durable epoxy flooring and concrete project solutions as concrete floor refinishing contractors for over a decade. Visit our convenient office locations to discuss your next epoxy project with us.

We specialize in restoring and refinishing concrete flooring and providing epoxy resin coating for new projects. Our unique epoxy resin blends come in many gorgeous styles and colors, providing both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal to your concrete surfaces.

Garages, factory floors, and even restaurants benefit from a beautiful epoxy resin floor coating. Your flooring will shine like never before and provide a shiny, steady surface for both people and vehicles. Call us today to learn more about our epoxy resin coatings and hire one of our Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors.

Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors

Our Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors will have your surfaces looking like new in no time.

Why Choose Epoxy for Concrete Floor Refinishing

There are plenty of excellent benefits to choosing epoxy coating to help refinish or restore your concrete flooring. For example, the smooth surface provided by an epoxy finish is much easier to clean than regular concrete. Concrete absorbs whatever is spilled onto it because it’s a porous material. The floor can become permanently stained if certain liquids or chemicals splash onto it. However, an epoxy coating on top of concrete will easily repel liquids, keeping them from soaking into the floor. You can then easily wipe them up with a mop or towel.

Another cleaning-related benefit of epoxy is the removal of cracks and small nooks and crannies. When you fill the damaged concrete areas with sturdy epoxy, the entire surface will be smooth and no longer have places for dirt and debris to become trapped. Cleaning becomes as easy as simply sweeping or wiping away dirt and dust.

Did you know that epoxy resin is resistant to both heat and impact? That’s right – dropping a heavy object onto your new epoxy-coated floor won’t damage it or cause cracks. Epoxy is also much more resistant to the burning Texas heat than concrete alone. If you want your flooring to stand up to the elements, give it a refreshing restoration with the help of our epoxy resin coatings.

Commercial Area Benefits

Does your factory flooring need repairing? Our Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors can restore your concrete surfaces with the help of our unique epoxy resin blends. Not only will they help protect the concrete underneath, but the material is excellent for providing slip resistance. Spills and other accidents are much easier to locate and clean on an epoxy surface. High gloss epoxy blends can be used to increase the light reflection and room brightness of an area to provide greater visibility.

Do you have a parking garage that you want to protect from elements such as rain, heat, and pressure? Let our expert contractors apply a durable epoxy coating to protect the area from moisture. Epoxy flooring is much better at standing up to the force exerted by heavy cars than concrete by itself. You’ll also find that vehicle traction is enhanced when you use an epoxy coating. Different colors of solid epoxy can be used to separate parking areas or walkways.

Houston, TX Concrete Floor Refinishing Contractors Use The Best Epoxy

Whether your project is for a commercial or residential area, our unique epoxy mix is tough enough to take on any job. And not only is it incredibly strong, but it comes in an array of gorgeous colors. We offer epoxy styles to match the existing area’s tone. Feel free to choose from various vivid colors to bring new life to an old space. Or blend earthy hues to calm the atmosphere and put visitors at ease.

Solid Epoxy Flooring

Most of our solid epoxy offerings come in bold or neutral colors. Cover an area with Dover Beige or Mocha for warm tones, or use Sable Grey, Sky Blue, and Ford Blue for a cooler look. Areas that need unique markings, such as loading zones or restricted areas, can take advantage of our brighter shades in Safety Red and Safety Yellow.

Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors

We have all kinds of colors for your epoxy resin projects, including Brick.

Blended Flake Epoxy Floor Coverings

Our blended flake epoxy floor coverings allow you to combine shades as dark or light as you want. Choose small, medium, or large flakes depending on the level of detail you want for your flooring. Blend all sorts of tones for the exact look to compliment your space. Some of our offerings include the neutral Saddle and Desert 1/8″ blended flakes and the bold 1/4″ flakes in Dream Blue and Rust.

Brindle Flake Epoxy Floor Colors

Our brindle flake epoxy colors combine flakes of all sizes to create gorgeous color schemes. These are great for maintaining a “natural” look for your surroundings. Choose from our lively neutrals, such as Pumice, Basalt, and Garnet.

Metallic Epoxy Colors

Do you want to catch customers’ eyes with a vibrant, shiny material like no other? Our metallic epoxy floor colors mimic the gorgeous, smooth texture of a lava flow. They lend an elegant touch to any area, such as a showroom floor or a restaurant. Choose from incredibly vivid hues such as Maui and Burnt Orange, or treat your eyes with Pearl or Sunny Day.

You can also choose from our metallic mika flake mixes that come in shades such as Bronze Age, Silver Bronze, and Crushed Brown Glacier. These mimic the beautiful styles of our blended flake mixes while adding a brilliant metallic shine that will dazzle visitors.

Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors

Our glossy epoxy resin will provide more light for your indoor spaces.

The Possibilities with Epoxy Are Endless

Your imagination is your only limit when you work with epoxy resin. Add practical and visually appealing material to your existing flooring to bring out its true beauty. Match a current color scheme or make your floor stand out on its own. Worry no longer about large spills or dusty messes with a smooth base that you can clean in seconds.

When you want to breathe new life into an old area, contact Epoxy Technology Coatings. We’ll help you plan your beautiful new floor coating to your specifications. Trust us to do the job better than any other Houston, TX concrete floor refinishing contractors.

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