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Houston TX Epoxy Floor

Are you looking for the best Houston TX epoxy floor with a high gloss finish? Epoxy Tech Houston will provide the best high-quality floor coating in Houston, Texas. Their primary goal is to meet all of your needs. Making sure any residential and commercial areas look polished and clean.

They have installed more than a million square feet of top-of-the-line epoxy floor coating for more than a decade. However, Epoxy Tech Houston has served clients in Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and other surrounding areas.

Therefore, You can give Epoxy Tech Houston team members a call and get a free estimate quote. A team member will provide you more information on what type of floor coating and color they can provide best for you.


Houston TX Epoxy Floor

Houston TX Epoxy Floor has many different colors to leave your floor looking polished.

Epoxy Tech Houston can install flooring for warehouses, businesses, and garage floor coating for garages in private homes. We have flooring for specific areas.

We believe in our flooring to have the style and variety. In addition, our customers have the opportunity to pick from four different categories for color. These types of colors will surely make your floors stand out.

Residential Garage Epoxy Flooring

The options of epoxy flooring stales are limitless. In addition, this type of flooring is affordable for customers. In other words, you can choose premium styles at a reasonable price.

You can match the epoxy color to your vehicle, the walls or play along with a color theme. We will have a floor color that will make your floor look spotless but make the room look vibrant. The benefit of having these floors is that they will be easier to clean.

Many flooring companies provide a coating that leaves stains, and it is challenging to keep it clean. Especially with garage flooring when you have vehicles or motorcycles are going in and out. The smooth surface will allow you to clean any debris easily.

Your new floor would be impact-resistant, heat-resistant, and slip-resistant. In other words, these floors are helpful for customers when it is a rainy day, and you do not want to slip while getting out of your vehicle.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Houston TX epoxy floor

Epoxy Tech Houston has the best team members to help you choose the best coating.

Epoxy Tech Houston provides the best floor coating for businesses. Businesses prefer to use the Houston TX epoxy floor because it leaves it looking well kept and professional.

Warehouse flooring can provide slip-resistant, impact-resistant, and fire-resistant finish for optimal protection. These floors will work the same way the residential flooring. Making sure the customers are keeping their clients safe from any threatening damages.

The flooring style is durable, and it will give your warehouse a polished look. It will eliminate power washing.

This type of flooring can deal with a lot of foot traffic. It is designed to withstand tire marks, oil spills, chemicals, food, or other damaging threats. It works well for stocking zones and loading zones since you get a lot of traffic there.

Industrial Plant Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Safety is every company’s main concern, and Epoxy Tech Houston floor solutions offer the most protection for their flooring. Therefore, typical surfaces like concrete can hide unavoidable chemical spills, dried food, and water spills.

Our company is why our industrial Houston TX epoxy flooring will work best for the plant site. Houston TX epoxy floor can improve your light reflection and room brightness by applying high gloss commercial epoxy flooring.

However, you can call a team member to learn about the different colors we have available to make sure you organize specific areas of your work environment. It will keep their clients safe from falling and hurting themselves.

It would cause the business to be sued. Therefore, we want to make sure you understand why our product is the best. We put safety first before anything else.

Parking Garage and Auto Garage Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Houston TX Epoxy Floor

Reach out to a team member today for a free estimate quote.

We know our customers care about protecting your parking garage from moisture and other weathered elements; there is an excellent investment. Our certifies employees will help you install coating that will help you maintain an excellent parking facility.

We have installed decorative branded and high functional epoxy coating in many parking garages. Therefore, making sure to give your area a welcoming effect to their customers. We provide the highest quality flooring to provide an anti-slip to protect your customers from falling. Vehicle traction is improved as well as the functionality of inclined surfaces when applying an epoxy finish. 

It has become essential to apply high-solid epoxy flooring in mechanic shops. This type of flooring is a vibrant, clean, and durable surface. It will be easy to clean and not be a hassle for the mechanic to maintain.

Therefore, we also want to create a safe environment for the employees and their customers. We want to give the best quality epoxy coating to your area. 

We can also apply in your shop certain areas to specify what each room is for, from tools to particular projects. Epoxy floor surface is chemically hardened and can withstand constant uses. Therefore, there is a massive difference from the original concrete floors, which are hard to clean from any oil spill. 

Our clients would never have to worry about any damages they may think of that will damage your floors. Therefore, We want to make sure we give the best industrial flooring that is safe and welcoming. 


We provide reliable service that you can trust with 24/7 available to you. However, our team members will offer you the best value and speed and are ready to solve any issues our customers may come across. We have the best all-around support, making sure you get the best epoxy flooring. 

This process is straightforward to use. In addition, you can complete the form that is provided on our website, or you can call us. We want to have the opportunity to view your floor space and offer a competitive Houston TX epoxy floor quote. 

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