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Incredible Epoxy Flooring For Laboratory Areas | Houston, TX

Houston TX epoxy flooring for laboratory

We’ll turn boring concrete slabs into shiny epoxy creations. Check out our epoxy flooring for laboratory settings today!

A Houston, TX epoxy flooring for laboratory is requisite when you are working with hazardous chemicals and solutions. Epoxy Technology Coatings can apply high-quality epoxy floor coatings that will strengthen, protect, and enliven your laboratory floors. We specialize in installing epoxy floors that will optimize your space and protect your floors from the worst of damage.

For laboratories and other areas with heavy foot traffic, heavy loads, fragile equipment, and dangerous substances, having a strong, chemical-resistant floor is requisite. Epoxy is not only resistant to harmful chemicals and other threatening liquids and solids, but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy floors’ shiny gleam can also improve your room’s brightness, increasing light reflection and leading to fewer accidents.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has served local communities all over Houston, TX and its surrounding areas, providing high-quality epoxy for your residential and commercial flooring needs. We turn your whole flooring system around for the better with our Houston, TX epoxy flooring for laboratory settings. Our epoxy flooring solutions can’t be beat, so feel free to call today or drop by one of our Houston office locations for a free estimate.

Our Houston, TX Epoxy Flooring For Laboratory Areas Is Beyond Compare

When it comes to your laboratory floors, much can go wrong. Heavy loads and equipment, especially dropped, can scratch up your surfaces for good. Chemical spills and other solutions can stain and wreck even the hardiest of floors. Concrete flooring in particular can get stained as these hazardous liquids can seep and soak in the concrete’s cracks.

If your floors have been looking like the survivors of a horror film, then no doubt you have tried to undo the damage through specialized cleaning services and the like. But once they’re done and the same incidents occur again, you will find yourself in the same hole in a few months’ time. You may just find that a considerable chunk of your budget is dedicated solely to these clean-ups.

But there is a better way. With stain and scratch-resistant epoxy flooring, you can enjoy a floor surface that is resistant to the toughest of substances and the most dangerous of chemicals. Moreover, you can enjoy a floor that will clean easily and retain its gleaming surface.

And fortunately, Epoxy Technology Coatings can help. Epoxy Technology Coatings specializes in providing epoxy flooring in Houston and other areas, applying multiple layers of epoxy coating and curing them properly. This will give your concrete or other floor surfaces resistance against heavy loads and hazardous substances.

Our team has many years of experience working with epoxy and thus can help you out. In addition, we offer tons of epoxy colors and styles for you to choose from. That way, you would never have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for practical considerations. For more information about our epoxy flooring for laboratory areas, feel free to call our experienced team today.

Houston TX epoxy flooring for laboratory

Our epoxy flooring for laboratory areas is great for spaces with lots of traffic.

Discover Epoxy Flooring For Laboratory Areas

We have many types of epoxy floors that could be right for your laboratory. Epoxy is made from a mixture of hardeners and epoxy resins. When properly mixed, the resin and the hardener bind chemically, reacting with each other and with the floor itself. This creates a strong adhesive that resists degradation.

Epoxy flooring is composed of multiple layers of epoxy coatings that are at least two millimeters thick. An epoxy floor with less than two millimeters of coating is generally referred to as an epoxy floor coating. There are different types of epoxy floors, some of which may prove ideal for your laboratory area.

If you currently have a concrete floor, then a self-leveling epoxy floor will do. Self-leveling epoxy is applied over new, old, cracked, or damaged concrete floors, giving them long-lasting protection. This is a common type of epoxy floor suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential areas, from manufacturing buildings to kitchens.

For laboratory areas, however, an epoxy mortar floor is even better. Epoxy mortar floors are made of 100% solid epoxies and graded or quartz sand, are highly chemically resistant, and can withstand heavy loads. Even better, this floor can also be used to fix cracks before applying another epoxy floor; however, it is the most stringent option available.

No matter what kind of epoxy floor you need, Epoxy Technology Coatings’ superb team is on hand to install it. If you wish to learn more about our epoxy flooring for laboratory areas, be sure to call us today.

Houston TX epoxy flooring for laboratory

Epoxy Technology Coatings offers a wide variety of color options for your Houston, TX epoxy flooring for laboratory areas.

For Epoxy Flooring For Laboratory Areas, Call Us Today!

Laboratories, industrial plants, warehouses, and garages all have one thing in common: Being messy as all hell. To retain their structural integrity and their aesthetic appearance, your floors need to be protected from the worst of materials and threats. And what better flooring to choose than epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is smooth, polished, and highly durable, lasting you for years to come. Epoxy is impervious to tire marks, oil and chemical spills, food, water, and other substances that might make it into your laboratory area. Best of all, it’s easy to clean. Multiple layers of epoxy coating can provide your floors with the protection they need to bear the onslaught.

Epoxy Technology Coatings is committed to giving you the best flooring solutions available. Our expert team of epoxy specialists knows the proper way to apply epoxy and cure it. Moreover, they can make sure that the epoxy flooring is installed properly for optimal results.

You can even choose the epoxy colors and styles yourself to ensure that your floor matches your laboratory’s walls or general aesthetic. Choose from solid color, brindle flake, blended flake, and metallic epoxy styles. The possibilities are endless!

So don’t wait until your laboratory floor becomes an urban legend. Call Epoxy Technology Coatings today to get started! When it comes to Houston, TX epoxy flooring for laboratory areas, nobody does it quite like Epoxy Technology Coatings.

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