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Epoxy Industrial Flooring | Houston, TX

Houston, TX epoxy industrial flooring

See how our Houston, TX epoxy industrial flooring can brighten up your business.

Smart business owners know that every part of their building is essential, including the floor. That is why we recommend Houston, TX epoxy industrial flooring. Depending on your business, your premises may experience high amounts of public foot traffic. That means the floors should look great but also be incredibly durable. Try our epoxy industrial flooring.

Even behind-the-scenes areas of your business should have strong, sturdy floors for its employees to traverse. Not only is it more practical, but it is also a necessary safety measure. Having surfaces that are easy to clean is also highly beneficial, no matter what industry your business is in.

Epoxy can provide everything you need in a commercial flooring solution. It boasts a smooth surface that won’t easily crack or chip. You can choose any design you like, from solid matte tones to glossy, shiny metallic mixes. Colored chips and flakes can add visual interest and texture to your floors.

Aside from its gorgeous looks, epoxy flooring can definitely stand up to the test of time with its impressive strength and longevity. With proper care, these floors will last for decades.

Call us today and speak to Epoxy Technology Coatings to learn more about our incredible services. When you reach out to one of our local offices, we can provide you with a free quote for our work. We’ll come out to you. We will take a look at your project location and give you a competitive estimate for our epoxy flooring services.

A Quick Intro to Epoxy

Epoxy resin is a strong adhesive material made of two parts: a resin and a hardener. These two chemical compounds, a reactive epoxide and a polyamine, combine to create a tough, durable polymer.

Its incredible bonding potential and resistance to most elements make it an invaluable resource in many manufacturing industries. It can be used to connect pieces of metal, wood, and many other materials. Epoxy is often used in electronics for insulation purposes.

This resin can stand up to most sources of damage aside from exposure to UV rays. This may cause it to turn yellow and weaken. It stands firm against heat, water, electricity, impact, pressure, and potent chemicals, such as acids. These properties make epoxy an excellent choice for flooring solutions.

Even better, it can easily be applied to existing surfaces, such as concrete flooring, to produce a strengthening effect. This is excellent for building owners who don’t want to spend much money on removing existing flooring. However, it might still be necessary, depending on the current material. Luckily, if your building has concrete floors, all it takes is a little preparation before your new epoxy floor system can be installed.

Houston, TX epoxy industrial flooring

Brighten your rooms with highly-reflective epoxy flooring.

Uses for Houston, TX Epoxy Industrial Flooring

The versatility of epoxy coating is not to be underestimated. It has countless practical applications in commercial and industrial settings, including its use as a robust, heavy-duty flooring material. No matter what kind of business you own, your location can benefit from epoxy flooring’s endless potential.


It goes without saying that anyone who’s hauling around boxes of goods should be able to trust the floor they’re walking on. Getting a floor coated with slip-resistant material can ease your mind and lessen the chances of slipping and falling while at work. Depending on the type of goods your warehouse stores, it also behooves you to prepare for unexpected hazards, such as fire or water damage.

Those who store large containers will be happy to know that epoxy makes your floors impact-resistant as well. Should one of your containers fall over (though we hope none of them do!), it won’t crack or weaken the floor. In fact, epoxy floors can withstand pressure of up to 10,000 lbs. The sudden shock from the fall won’t damage it, either.

Industrial Plants

Because industrial spaces can contain all kinds of materials and conditions, you should invest in a comprehensive flooring solution that can account for accidents such as chemical spills, fire hazards, and falling objects. Concrete may seem suitable enough for the job, but in reality, it isn’t.

Its porous nature makes it vulnerable to absorbing liquids and staining. It can also accidentally hide potential hazards, like spilled liquids, dried food, or other messy materials. Epoxy can quickly highlight areas that need to be cleaned.

Glossy epoxy finishes can provide additional light in darker areas with their reflectivity. And like warehouses, you can use different colors of epoxy to mark off specific sections such as machine locations, safe walkways, Kanban zones, and other vital areas of the room.

Parking Garages

Parking garages can benefit from an epoxy coating on top of existing concrete. This will protect the base material from the elements, such as wind and rain. A strong Houston, TX epoxy industrial flooring has incredible abrasion resistance and thus won’t get scratch or tire marks.

Our wide selection of colors is perfect for branding and logo elements or marking parking spots, drop-off areas, and no parking zones. The epoxy mixes we offer also significantly improve vehicle traction and the functionality of inclined surfaces. Your clients’ cars will glide effortlessly across your fancy new garage flooring.

Houston, TX epoxy industrial flooring

Polished concrete doesn’t compare to shiny epoxy floors!

Auto Garages

Make your auto garage much more inviting with a generous epoxy resin coating. The attractive floors will turn heads and make clients gather. You won’t have to worry about visitors or workers slipping on this type of flooring, either – its slip-resistant properties will ensure a much safer environment. Oil or fluid spills won’t stain the floor and can easily be wiped up with a rag.

About Epoxy Technology Coatings

Since 2005, Epoxy Technology Coatings has proudly provided residents of the greater Houston area with high-quality epoxy flooring solutions for projects from residential garages to industrial factory floors. Our expert team is ready and standing by to handle your project. We can’t wait to learn about your flooring needs and provide you with a unique, effective solution.

If you’re interested in seeing some of our past work, visit our helpful before and after photo gallery. Call us today to learn more about our Houston, TX epoxy industrial flooring.

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