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Epoxy Polyurethane Coating | Houston, TX

When you’re looking for high-quality Houston, TX epoxy polyurethane coating, you want to choose the best, most experienced contractors to get the job done. Epoxy Technology Coatings offers the best flooring solutions and epoxy polyurethane coating for your projects. We cater to both do-it-yourself enthusiasts and commercial projects, offering premium materials and tools for your epoxy coating needs.

Since 2005, we’ve provided expert flooring services for our customers in the greater Houston area. We have over a decade of experience when it comes to handling epoxy projects, both big and small. We offer Quality, Speed, and the Best Solutions when it comes to your project needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

Houston, TX epoxy polyurethane coating

Houston, TX epoxy polyurethane coating will give your old floors a new shine.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is our specialty, which is why it’s in our name! This material is a type of two-part resin that creates a hard, durable surface when used to coat objects or floors.

For those more scientifically inclined, we’ll elaborate: epoxy resins are a type of thermosetting polymers. They’re made from monomers that contain at least two epoxide groups. This combination creates remarkable properties, such as adhesion, water resistance, chemical resistance, and more!

If you don’t care for complex explanations, then we’ll cut to the chase: epoxy is incredible, and we want to show everyone why. With a coating of our specially-mixed epoxy, your floors and surfaces will shine brighter than before and stand up to harsh environments and hazards.

Worrying about water is a thing of the past. Unlike concrete, epoxy isn’t porous and won’t soak up water or liquid spills. It’s also incredibly heat resistant – our military-grade epoxy can stand scorching temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit!

Damage from falling objects isn’t a problem, either. Epoxy-coated flooring can withstand the shock of heavy things falling onto it and can also handle up to 10,000 lbs of pressure. Talk about durability! You can’t go wrong with a Houston, TX epoxy polyurethane coating!

Houston, TX epoxy polyurethane coating

Industrial settings can greatly benefit from epoxy resin coating.

Commercial Work is Our Specialty

When it comes to commercial spaces like chemical plants, warehouses, and airplane hangars, simple concrete just won’t cut it for flooring. It’s undoubtedly strong on its own, but it tends to crack under pressure literally. Heat can easily damage it, and when cracks or crevices form, it’s harder to clean and remove dust and debris from the holes. Your industrial floor needs to be durable and easy to clean.

Wood is a beautiful material suitable for many projects, but a commercial area with high foot traffic isn’t one of them. Wood quickly succumbs to water damage, causing it to rot or even mold. Heat will shrink and warp the wood, causing gaps between planks. Falling objects of any weight or size can easily chip or scratch the surface of the wood, leaving ugly marks.

What kind of flooring should your commercial space have? If you work in a location with lots of foot traffic, spills, heavy objects, extreme temperatures, or other hazards, then we highly recommend using epoxy coating for your flooring. We also highly recommend our flooring for areas that need to draw the customer’s eye, such as showrooms or restaurants.

Custom Colors and Styles

We offer custom-made epoxy mixtures in a variety of colors and styles. No matter what kind of project you need to tackle, we can make a mix that’s right for you! Take a look at some of our options below.

Solid Epoxy Floor Colors

Some may consider this collection to be our most basic offering, but we tend to disagree. Our solid epoxy floor colors bring a burst of color to your surfaces. We offer beautiful, bold hues for areas that need to stand out, such as walkways, machine areas, or forklift paths. Try Safety Yellow and Safety Red for areas that alert employees to potential hazards.

Practical neutral colors can be used for the bulk of the project to give the flooring a great shine. Fill the rest of the work area with colors such as Sable Grey or Medium Grey.

A particular subset of our solid colors includes our Quartz collection. These can be used to match existing fixtures in the area, such as quartz countertops. Choose from beautiful mixes such as Terracotta and Sandstone.

Blended Flake Epoxy Floor Coverings

Try using epoxy with a fancy textured look to give your space more visual appeal. Our blended flake epoxy floor coverings are perfect for the job. We can mix any tones you like for this type of epoxy, no matter how light or dark of a shade they are.

You can also choose small, medium, and large flakes for your custom mixture to reach your preferred detail level. Some mixes of our bigger 1/4″ blended flakes include Raging Red, Dream Blue, and Nightfall. Smaller 1/8″ flake mixes offer colors such as Gray Sky, Fire Red, and Desert.

Brindle Flake Epoxy Floor Colors

Our beautiful brindle flake epoxy floor colors evoke a more natural air for your spaces. Unique mixes of Cobalt, Pumice, and Obsidian bring an interesting texture to your flooring.

Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy Floor Colors

We are proud to offer our unique lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors for projects that need plenty of elegance and eye-drawing potential. Customers will be pulled in by your gorgeous new flooring in enchanting mixes such as Maui, Burnt Orange, Deep Blue, and Sunset Orange. This gleaming epoxy collection will surely delight your customers with its elegant appeal!

Houston, TX epoxy polyurethane coating

Contact us today for a free quote for your potential epoxy floors.

The Best Choice for Houston, TX Epoxy Polyurethane Coating

We’ve served customers throughout the greater Houston area in Richmond, Katy, Missouri City, and Sugar Land. We proudly offer unique epoxy floor coating mixtures you won’t find anywhere else. Our goal is to ensure our customers are taken care of, which is why we strive to offer reliability, value, speed, quality work, and 24/7 service.

We’d love to support you and your projects, so give us a call today to learn how we can help you find the best Houston, TX epoxy polyurethane coating.

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