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Houston TX Epoxy Resin Floor

There are various reasons why installing a Houston TX epoxy resin floor is optimal for your home or business. Epoxy floors are ideal for their resilience and aesthetic exteriors. They’re an easy way to keep an area pleasing to the eye even when heavy-duty work happens.

Epoxy resin floors are a versatile flooring solution. Due to their inherent durability, you can install these floors almost anywhere. Resin floors use a mix of materials, usually resin and a catalyst, to create a hardened resin surface. This coating goes on top of your concrete floors as a liquid layer and cures as a seamless surface.

Resin floors are abrasion and chemical resistant. They can endure years of harsh cleaning solutions and basic industrial chemicals, making them a great solution to protect your concrete surfaces from the elements.

Houston TX Epoxy Resin Floor

Get a Houston TX Epoxy Resin Floor for your commercial or residential area.

These floors are durable because there are three layers on top of the concrete. Once the concrete surface is ready, an epoxy primer seals the ground and smooths everything out for the other two layers. When the primer dries, the bulk of the resin follows and binds with the primer beneath it. The top layer is the topcoat, which ties everything together to make everything even more durable.

Epoxy floors can go anywhere and still look outstanding with many colors and decorative flairs to choose from. They look clean and professional with a glossy finish and can easily match the interior and exterior design.

Why get a Houston TX Epoxy Resin Floor?

Every type of flooring solution has its pros and cons. A wise decision comes after comparing everything on the table. There’s a reason why epoxy flooring is more popular compared to other types of flooring. Compared to the other kinds of flooring solutions out there, epoxy floors have more advantages than disadvantages.

The most prominent reason people choose epoxy is its durability. Both wear and chemical resistant, resin floors have an easier time enduring heavy-duty work and cleaning. Regardless of where these floors are, they will exist for a long time. In their case, lasting for a long time means how long they stay looking new.

When discussing wear resistance, a few factors come into play. Can the coating endure and last against everyday mechanical and foot traffic? Will the continuous usage mar the surface with scratches and scuff marks? Epoxy floor coatings can do both.

They’re also resistant to chemicals. These chemicals could be harsh cleaning solutions that may cause damage to other types of flooring, or they could be acids, alkalis, solvents, and other corrosive elements.

Houston TX Epoxy Resin Floor

Give your concrete floors a glow-up with an epoxy resin floor.

Of course, not only can resin floors last a long time against whatever the workday may drop on them, but they can sit pretty while doing so. With a whole rainbow of colors and design flairs, like epoxy flakes, you can customize your floor for wherever you need them. Epoxy floors give a room a bright and clean look with their glossy finish. You can customize the level of gloss: gloss, semi-gloss, or matte.

There are options for everything from a professional look for your commercial facility to a cozier look for your residential area.

The Disadvantages

Of course, nothing has only advantages. Even a Houston TX epoxy resin floor has its flaws.

One of the most durable floorings, concrete can’t last against the test of time, much less a type of concrete coating. Epoxy is temporary, and you’ll need a new layer later down the line. Granted, resin floors last longer than other types of flooring, up to a few decades, but it won’t last forever.

The older a coating gets, the more chips and cracks happen. These occur more frequently if you drop heavy objects on them. If you leave them, a part of the coating may start peeling. If you begin to see the color or shine dulling, you should think about getting a new resin coating.

They last a long time because they take a long time to install. From prepping the concrete to the installation process, it could take several days to a few weeks. Before you begin pouring resin, the concrete surface has to be free of cracks and holes. And before you can place a layer of resin down, the previous one needs to be dry.

Wet epoxy emits strong fume, which often smells like ammonia. The darker the hue, the more hardeners there are in the mixture. The hardeners make the smell even more pungent. Of course, this isn’t usually an issue since the smell dissipates when the resin fully dries.

Houston TX Epoxy Resin Floor

Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings about your epoxy resin floor options.

On the other hand, epoxy coatings are also an arduous and time-consuming task to remove. If you want to change the colors later, it’ll take a long time to do so since you’ll need to go through most of the same process again. On the off chance that the concrete beneath the coating is damaged, it’ll also take a long time to remove the coating to repair the floor.

Where Epoxy Resin Floors are Viable

After comparing epoxy resin floors against their contenders, most facilities choose it for their flooring solution. They’re an excellent hygienic solution for commercial and healthcare facilities. Since the coating is seamless, microbes and dirt can’t gather, and keeping the floor clean is simple.

Resin floors are also often chosen as industrial flooring for a similar reason. It’s durable, can handle most chemicals that may splash onto it, and make workplaces brighter with its reflective gloss finish.

Epoxy coatings also have a place in residential and commercial buildings in public spaces. The decorative facets of floors that are in areas with heavy foot traffic tend to wear away quickly. An epoxy floor keeps that from happening while still maintaining a professional and aesthetically pleasing design.

What it Comes Down to

If you decide on getting an epoxy resin floor, you should consult a professional on its installation. The experts can analyze the floor before starting, dealing with any issues that may crop up during the project. Contact the experts with Epoxy Technology Coatings about getting a Houston TX epoxy resin floor for your residential or commercial facility.

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