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Add Dazzling Shine with Epoxy Resin Services | Houston, TX

Epoxy Technology Coatings offers Houston, TX epoxy resin services to the greater Houston area. If you need professional-grade coating for your residential or commercial flooring and concrete projects, Epoxy Technology Coatings has the right solution for you.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has quality in mind when considering our customers’ needs, and we offer our own custom-made epoxy colors to suit any project you may have.

Houston, TX epoxy resin services

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Why You Should Use Epoxy

Epoxy is an excellent choice for coating your flooring. There are several reasons why this type of coating can be beneficial for surfaces in your home or business.

For example, a floor covered in epoxy is much easier to clean. The smooth covering ensures that dust and debris don’t get trapped in cracks on the floor. Cleaning is a breeze when you can simply wipe the surface to erase a mess quickly.

Another great benefit of epoxy is the protection it offers. If you choose to coat your garage floor in epoxy, it will be much more slip-resistant than before. We take extra care to create epoxy that’s suited for preventing slips and falls while remaining smooth, shiny, and durable.

Regarding durability, your surfaces will also be much stronger and more impact-resistant. Dropping large objects on your epoxy-coated floor has a smaller chance of causing cracks in the foundation than if the surface was left uncoated. This military-grade material won’t even crack under 10,000 lbs of pressure!

Finally, epoxy provides heat resistance to coated surfaces. This is invaluable when considering the blazing Texas heat! Preserving a fragile material underneath from high temperatures is easier than ever when you have epoxy to protect it. With proper coating, your surfaces can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Houston, TX epoxy resin services

Industrial settings can greatly benefit from epoxy resin coating.

Commercial Services

Epoxy Technology Coatings proudly offers our high-quality epoxy for any commercial project you need. We provide several Houston, TX epoxy resin services to suit your needs, so read on to find out how our products can help you.

Warehouse Flooring

There are plenty of practical reasons for wanting to protect the floors in your warehouse. No matter what kind of products you store, any warehouse can benefit from the excellent qualities of epoxy resin coating.

Your new flooring will withstand all kinds of oil spills, chemicals, tire marks, or other potentially damaging threats. The smoothness provided by our epoxy coating will also make the cleaning process so much easier for you. Simply sweep or mop away anything that gets on your floor for quick cleaning.

Warehouse flooring is much more durable when coated with epoxy. Feel safer in your work environment with a slip, impact, and fire-resistant finish that will protect your flooring.

To add a special touch, we offer tons of different epoxy colors to help separate specific areas. For example, we can use a color scheme to differentiate loading zones, safe walking pathways, and fork-lift driveways. Why not contact us for a free estimate today?

Industrial Plants

Safety is a top priority at an industrial plant, so add an extra layer of protection with epoxy. Plain concrete can hide or soak up typical spills that might be common at an industrial plant, such as water, chemical spills, or other liquids. This can stain or damage the flooring, and wet surfaces create a fall hazard.

If you choose one of our special colored epoxy floor coatings, you’ll be able to see problem areas more quickly. Cleanup will also be much easier once you’ve spotted those hazards. Our smooth floors provide an easy service to wipe or sweep messes away.

Like warehouses, industrial plants can also benefit from our various color schemes for marking areas. Use our high gloss coating to brighten the room, increase light reflection, and mark areas such as safe walkways and machine locations.

Houston, TX epoxy resin services

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What Sets Epoxy Technology Coatings Apart from Others

Our wide selection of colors and styles sets us apart from other epoxy companies. We make our own epoxy resin to ensure our customers receive only the best quality products. We offer various colors and floor coatings to suit your needs and style. Read more about our different colors and coverings below.

Solid Epoxy Floor Colors

Our excellent solid floor colors are made with epoxy and polyaspartic. These coatings are offered in solid bold and neutral colors such as Safety Red, Sky Blue, Tan, and Dover Beige. We also offer quartz types in styles such as Terracotta and Sandstone.

Blended Flake

Our blended flake epoxy floor coverings blend several beautiful tones for a gorgeous look. Depending on the amount of detail you’re looking for, you can choose from small, medium, and large flakes. When choosing one of our blended flake epoxy coverings, feel free to select any shade of color, no matter how dark or light. Available color mixes include Beach, Charcoal, Brick, and Fire Red.

Brindle Flake

Our brindle flake floor covering is another type of flake epoxy. This covering is available in shades such as Garnet, Pumice, Cobalt, and Obsidian.


Our gorgeous selection of metallic epoxy floor colors will help you stand out with a bold, dynamic style. It’s perfect for restaurants, showrooms, or other settings that need a special touch to turn heads. Metallic style epoxy is available in vivid colors such as Maui, Red Burst, Sunset Orange, and True Blue. We also offer beautiful mika flake colors such as Bronze Age and Crushed Brown Glacier.

The Best Choice for Houston, TX Epoxy Resin Services

We’re confident that you’ll choose Epoxy Technology Coatings for your next project once you’ve seen the difference our product can make. We can transform any surface into a beautiful, protected surface that will last for years to come and turn heads at the same time.

Check out our gallery for just a few examples of how we’ve brought miraculous change to our clients’ flooring. Contact us at Epoxy Technology Coatings for the best Houston, TX epoxy resin services if you want to protect your surfaces and give them a beautiful shine.

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