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Quality Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors Near Me | Houston, TX

When looking for Houston, TX garage floor epoxy contractors near me, it’s essential to consider your project needs. Are you looking for quality and affordability? Do you want to be able to choose from a vast selection of dazzling styles and brilliant colors for your epoxy? Most importantly, do you want to work with a team that’s both friendly and dedicated to hassle-free installation? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then Epoxy Technology Coatings is your one-stop shop.

We offer unmatched service and quality in epoxy garage floor coating and projects. Give us a call for a free estimate and have your concrete floors shining like new with a fresh layer of durable and stylish epoxy.

Houston, TX garage floor epoxy contractors near me

Look no further for Houston, TX garage floor epoxy contractors near me.

Concrete is Not Enough

Let’s face it – concrete is strong, but it has the potential to deteriorate under many conditions. It’s a staple of garage floors everywhere, but what if it could be better?

For starters, consider the color. When people think of concrete, they tend to imagine a dull grey material. Lackluster and lifeless, its utilitarian style serves as a literal foundation of construction, and it’s no surprise that this material is found in so many places, including your garage. Your garage is technically part of your home, and would you be happy if the inside of your home was full of walls painted grey? Some may think the garage doesn’t need to look flashy or inviting, but we disagree.

Another pitfall of using concrete is its durability. Strong as it may be, the elements are not kind to this material. Heat and pressure can damage the surface, causing cracks and creating nooks and crannies for debris to sneak into. Because of its porous surface, concrete soaks up water and other liquids. If you’re unfortunate enough to spill something with even a hint of color, it’s most likely going to stain your concrete for a long time, if not forever.

Speaking of liquids, think about how slippery a concrete floor can get. Trampling through your garage on a rainy day and leaving wet footprints everywhere creates a slip hazard. You may make it safely to your car without slipping, but will everybody else be able to do the same? Spilled liquids are also harder to see, especially if your garage isn’t on the brighter side. Is there a way to avoid this hassle altogether?

Houston, TX garage floor epoxy contractors near me

Your garage floor will shine like never before!

The Solution: Epoxy Coating

Thankfully, there is an easy way to upgrade your concrete flooring. Epoxy Technology Coatings specializes in installing epoxy flooring and garage floor coating for commercial businesses and private homes. We offer a vast array of tools and materials for the do-it-yourself-ers out there, but for those who aren’t keen on starting such a large, daunting project, we understand. That’s why we’re here to help.

Epoxy Technology Coatings will work with you to create the flooring design of your dreams. Just as you want your house to look its best, you should also want your garage to look nice. With our custom-mixed epoxy in many colors and styles, you can let your imagination run free when designing your garage space. Trust us as your best Houston, TX garage floor epoxy contractors near me.

Grey No More

Say goodbye to the dull grey floors in your garage – they’re about to get a splash of color. Epoxy Technology Coatings proudly offers over 250 colors to choose from for your new garage flooring.

Maybe you can’t quite let go of neutral colors, or you have a particular attachment to grey because of its classic charm. Don’t worry – our collection of solid epoxy floor colors have you covered. Stick to old staples with our Sable Grey or Medium Grey, but if you’re yearning for a more vivid shade to decorate with, consider our deep Jade Green or bold Ford Blue.

Those who wish to spring for a more traditional but still a bit flashy look should choose from our Quartz selection. Try Gray Haze for a cool neutral look, or go with Terracotta to bring some warmth to your space.

Our delightful blended flake epoxy floor coverings are a visual treat. They combine flakes of different sizes and colors to create a unique blend of tones and styles. You can choose any shade for your flakes, no matter how dark or light it is. Choose 1/4″ blended flakes for a bold statement in color schemes like Dream Blue, Mars Gray, and Rust. Smaller flakes in 1/8″ size can be mixed into blends such as Brick, Gray Sky, and Saddle.

Brindle flake epoxy colors are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to incorporate a more natural look into their flooring. Embrace the look of genuine stone with the benefits of a smooth surface when you choose one of our colors, such as Pumice, Cobalt, or Garnet.

The Flashier, The Better

Still not bright enough? We understand – sometimes you have to go big or go home! Our final offering is our premium lava flow metallic epoxy colors; yes, they’re just as impressive as they sound. Often used in commercial locations such as showrooms and restaurants, our gorgeous metallic colors have an elegant allure unmatched by other flooring types. Its incredible shine and eye-catching tones will dazzle and delight anyone visiting your garage. Try a cooler shade such as True Blue or Maui for a refreshing look, or embrace natural tones with Suede, Gulf Green, and Dark Chocolate.

Houston, TX garage floor epoxy contractors near me

See how a high-gloss top coat can brighten any space.

The Most Experienced Houston, TX Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors Near Me

We have a gallery of before and after photos to prove that our work sets us leagues above our competitors. We strive to offer you a practical and beautiful solution for your residential projects with our stunning epoxy floor coating. Our robust and durable epoxy protects your floors from heat, water, and pressure. Make cleaning a breeze when you only need to sweep or mop your shiny, smooth surfaces.

Our epoxy flooring stands up to the elements and keeps a beautiful shine for years to come. Count on Epoxy Technology Coatings for the best Houston, TX garage floor epoxy contractors near me.

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