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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Service | Houston, TX

We strive to offer only the best Houston, TX industrial epoxy flooring service at Epoxy Technology Coating. Our custom-made epoxy is perfect for protecting all kinds of surfaces and flooring for big and small projects. The industrial epoxy flooring service we offer is the best in the industry. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your commercial flooring service needs.

Houston TX industrial epoxy flooring service

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Safety First!

Those who work in industrial settings understand that safety is a high priority in such dangerous environments. The potential for accidents is high, so workers must do their best to maintain clean, safe areas. Chemical spills are common, and designated areas for machinery can be dangerous if not clearly marked.

That’s where our services come into play. Epoxy Technology Coating knows that you want your workplace to be as safe as possible. We want to help protect your employees and ensure your business runs efficiently. But how does epoxy help in an industrial environment?


Epoxy Technology Coating offers epoxy floor coatings in a wide variety of bright, bold colors that will draw plenty of attention. The applications for this kind of floor coating are endless. Choose our solid epoxy floor covering in Safety Red to highlight potentially dangerous areas that require safety equipment before entering. Safety Yellow and Black can be used for loading zones, forklift paths, or other areas that need attention drawn to them.

Lighting in large rooms is also essential. With our Houston, TX industrial epoxy flooring service, rooms can shine brighter than ever with glossy, reflective surfaces. See more of the area at a glance with enhanced lighting thanks to our trusty epoxy floor coating.

Spills and Hazards

Many industrial plants contain hazardous materials, such as chemicals, that can easily spill if not handled carefully. Even with plenty of precautions, there is still potential for messes and spills. You need a type of flooring that makes these messes easier to spot.

Our high-quality flooring solutions will help any mess stand out for easier cleaning. Speed is imperative when responding to chemical or material spills. Spot them quickly and take care of them right away!

Houston, TX industrial epoxy flooring service

Smooth surfaces are much easier to clean!


Speaking of cleaning messes, did you know that our coating systems make cleanup a breeze? That’s right – your facility floors will be much easier to take care of once they’re coated in epoxy. The smooth surface offered by epoxy coatings allows for easier sweeping and dust removal.

This surface also protects your flooring from any materials that may spill onto it. Concrete can soak up or hide messes like spilled liquids, water, dried food, or chemical spills. Common flooring stains easily, leaving permanent marks behind from these accidents. However, epoxy doesn’t suffer from this weakness and allows for speedy mess removal.

Durability and Protection

Industrial plants rely on dependable equipment and workers to run properly. So shouldn’t your floor be reliable as well? Epoxy stands up to the test of time and looks great while doing so. Under the protection of one of our quality epoxy coating jobs, your floors will be stronger than ever.

What kind of protection does your floor offer? One of the top benefits of our epoxy coating is resistance. Your flooring will become resilient to the elements, such as heat. Feel confident knowing that our quality epoxy paint can withstand blazing temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water is also no longer a worry when it comes to protecting the integrity of your flooring. Our epoxy is resistant to water, keeping it from breaking down, molding, or rotting like other traditional materials. Humidity and liquid spills won’t be able to damage your flooring.

Does your industrial plant carry heavy equipment or materials on a regular basis? Fear not for the safety of your flooring because our strong epoxy can withstand the sudden shock of falling objects. Our premium material can even withstand 10,000 lbs of pressure.

Houston TX industrial epoxy flooring service

We offer bright and bold colors to protect your flooring and brighten rooms.

Why Choose Our Houston, TX Industrial Epoxy Flooring Service?

Plenty of options exist for obtaining epoxy flooring services, but how do you find the best one? Affordable prices and reliable service are important, but quality is arguably the most crucial aspect of your search. Customers want a product that they can rely on to do its job. Commercial locations need the best materials to ensure they run efficiently.

When selecting materials and services for your commercial projects, you shouldn’t skimp on quality. We suggest choosing Epoxy Technology Coatings for all your flooring and surface coating needs. We’re dedicated to offering our customers only the best epoxy resin coating solutions.

Our team works diligently to create reliable, eye-catching epoxy colors. These can be used for all kinds of projects. Our unmatched selection of beautiful, vibrant colors brings style to your projects while offering enhanced safety benefits. No need to choose between looks and function – our epoxy has both.

Great Selection and Prices

Our epoxy coating comes in several different types and colors that you can choose from to match your spaces. Choose from our solid epoxy floor colors in gorgeous shades such as Sky Blue, Jade Green, and Mocha.

Bring an inviting, textured look to the room with our blended flake and brindle flake floor coverings. These varieties come in colors such as Raging Red and Cobalt. Finally, dazzle customers with beautiful metallic hues like Maui, Pearl, and Red Burst.

We offer our epoxy coating and flooring materials for affordable prices. We also provide installation services if you’d prefer that we do the job for you. We guarantee friendly, helpful service if you choose us for your epoxy project needs.

Epoxy Technology Coatings is proud to serve the greater Houston area. We have several locations available to contact. Let’s discuss what we can do for your next big project.

Why not schedule a free consultation with us today? Let our dedicated team at Epoxy Technology Coatings provide you with the best Houston, TX industrial epoxy flooring service.

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