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Get Amazing Industrial Flooring Right Now | Houston, TX

Houston TX industrial flooring

Your industrial flooring is a great way to improve the look of any floor.

You can get excellent, top-of-the-line Houston, TX industrial flooring when you contact Epoxy Technology Coatings! Our amazing epoxy floor coatings can provide long-lasting protection for your industrial flooring. Epoxy Technology Coatings specializes in epoxy flooring solutions you can count on.

For both residential and commercial areas, Epoxy Technology Coatings provides the highest quality epoxy coatings for all kinds of flooring, Epoxy is polished, durable, easy to clean, and can withstand anything you can throw at it. For industrial plants and other commercial areas with tons of foot traffic, heavy machinery, and chemicals, epoxy flooring is requisite.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has had many years in the epoxy flooring industry since 2005. We service local communities all around Houston, TX and its surrounding areas, providing crucial epoxy flooring services for our clients. When it comes to Houston, TX industrial flooring, Epoxy Technology Coatings is the company with the knowledge and expertise you need to bring you truly high-quality flooring.

So don’t wait until your industrial flooring resembles the end of a horror film. Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings to get started or visit our Houston office location today. Our expert epoxy team is ready and eager to optimize your entire flooring system!

Safe and Effective Houston, TX Industrial Flooring For All Seasons

If your industrial area has concrete floors or other flooring types, chances are you already know strengths and limitations of your concrete flooring. Industrial areas handle a lot of chemicals and heavy loads, as well as experience foot and wheel traffic. Concrete is one of the hardiest of materials, but even they can crack and fissure over time. Even more disturbingly, they can hide certain types of chemical spills, dry food and water, and other liquids that can seep in and stain the concrete.

For industrial flooring, you will need a strong, adhesive material impermeable to the worst kinds of chemical spills, as well as resist against flammable gases and liquids. If so, then epoxy flooring is definitely the flooring type you need.

Epoxy is a safe, but incredibly strong adhesive. It is made of a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener, which react to each other and bond together, as well as to the floor surface. Once properly cured, epoxy can resist both oil and chemical spills, as well as tire marks and other scratches. It can resist heavy loads and equipment, as well as improve light reflection and room brightness.

By applying multiple layers of epoxy coating, you can get industrial flooring that resists against the most common type of hazards prevalent in an industrial setting. Your Kanban zones, walkways, machine locations, and other important locations will be safe from any accidents that may occur. Plus, epoxy is very easy to clean up, so instead of having to fork over tons of money for cleaning services, you can simply mop your epoxy floor and it’d look as clean as ever.

So if your industrial floor is looking a little worse for wear, don’t panic. Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings and we can apply a thick, new layer of epoxy coating for you.

There are also DIY epoxy kits for those who are good with their hands, but for the best results, trust the professionals at our company today. A lot can go wrong when applying epoxy, and it can be a toxic substance before it’s cured. Avoid making costly mistakes and hire our stellar epoxy experts today.

Houston, TX industrial flooring

As the best Houston, TX industrial flooring companies, of course we maintain an impressive collection of epoxy floor colors!

Types of Epoxy

Explore different types of epoxy! Industrial flooring needs to be particularly hardy, impermeable even against the most acidic of substances and harshest of chemicals. Fortunately, there are different types of epoxy floors that could be right for your industrial area. The possibilities are endless!

If your current floors are concrete ones and are looking quite old or otherwise cracked, consider a self-levelling epoxy floor. These are easy to install over both new and old concrete floors. This is because they level easily, creating a gleaming and smooth surface.

For truly optimum protection, however, there is no epoxy floor quite like epoxy mortar flooring, the strongest of all epoxy flooring. This is the coating most commonly used in industry applications. Plus, epoxy mortar coatings can be used to repair cracks beneath other types of epoxy coatings.

No matter what kind of epoxy floor you’re considering, Epoxy Technology Coatings is here to provide you with the expert epoxy services you need. So be sure to call today!

Houston TX industrial flooring

Even if you need a matte look, fear not! This type of coating still offers the same toughness as our other services. For industrial flooring that will really shine, call us today!

For Premium-Grade Industrial Flooring, Call Epoxy Technology Coatings!

No matter what kind of floor you have, our epoxy coatings can give it the protection it needs. Epoxy is chemical and oil-resistant, as well as stain and scratch-resistant. Our exemplary, fast, and practical epoxy solutions can help you optimize your industrial area, helping you save tons of money (and precious time) in the process.

In addition to industrial areas, we also service other commercial and residential areas as well. For shops that get heavy foot traffic or that involve pets, children, food, water, and other liquids, an epoxy floor can greatly reduce the damage.

For residential areas, garages are among the most poorly-lit and messy areas of the home, with oil spills and other vehicular residue making a mucky mess out of your floor. For an epoxy garage floor that can reduce the damage, call on us and we can apply it for you.

Our epoxy flooring also comes with a wide array of customizable options. Explore beautiful color and style patterns, from solid epoxy to brindle or blended flake epoxy, as well as lava flow metallic epoxy. With lively colors and attractive shapes and patterns, you can have an attractive floor harmonious with your business logo or aesthetic without having to sacrifice epoxy’s practical benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Call Epoxy Technology Coatings today! We’ll be thrilled to help you optimize your area for good. For Houston, TX industrial flooring that will serve you well in the years to come, visit our location today.

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