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Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating | Houston, TX

Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating

Our high gloss Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating can improve visibility in large rooms.

Many commercial spaces can significantly benefit from Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating. Locations such as hospitals, restaurants, or even factory floors can utilize epoxy resin’s unique benefits to improve their floors’ durability. Because industrial grade epoxy floor coating provides features such as slip resistance, impact resistance, and durability, it can negate potential safety hazards and stay strong for decades.

Important areas of your business should have reliable flooring, which is why you should contact Epoxy Technology Coatings today. Our impressive team of epoxy experts can discuss your flooring project and determine what type of epoxy resin is best for you.

We have over 200 beautiful colors of epoxy to choose from, so you don’t have to sacrifice durability and quality for aesthetic appeal. We can even add mica flakes to our mixes to provide a textured appearance to your new flooring.

No matter what kind of commercial location you own or run, it could benefit from a sturdy floor coating made of high-quality epoxy resin. Call us today to learn more about our incredible epoxy floor systems. Our team will help you bring to life the floor of your dreams. Contact one of our convenient office locations in the Greater Houston area to get a free quote on your project.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

You may wonder why we recommend epoxy flooring for commercial projects over other types of floors, such as vinyl or wood planks. There are plenty of great reasons to choose industrial-grade epoxy flooring for your commercial areas. For example, our epoxy resin coating is slip-resistant, which makes it great for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Though you should still exercise caution when the floor is wet (particularly if it has a high gloss finish), you can feel a little more relaxed when walking on epoxy flooring. Hospitals can take advantage of this property to increase the safety of fall-risk patients.

Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating

Our floors are both strong and beautiful!

Industrial Areas

Epoxy resin is also highly heat-resistant. Did you know that our resin floor coatings can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit? Be advised, however, that unhardened resin is highly flammable, so exercise caution in areas that have yet to cure and always wear a respirator.

Once the flooring is finished drying, it becomes fire-proof and completely non-toxic. This makes epoxy great for industrial facilities with hot conditions or materials. The heat won’t deteriorate the quality of the floor.

Another benefit of epoxy is its resistance to most chemicals. This is another excellent reason to choose epoxy flooring for industrial settings. Any substances that may spill onto the floor will not affect the coating. Spills of chemicals and other liquids or materials can also be easier to spot on epoxy flooring, ensuring they can be found and cleaned up quickly.

We offer a wide variety of epoxy colors for our client’s projects, and you can use these colors to mark particular areas on a factory floor. For example, you can use some of our bright, solid epoxy colors to indicate loading zones, safe walking paths, forklift paths, and more. Create a safer work environment by alerting your workers to areas with special safety precautions.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Our industrial epoxy floor coatings aren’t just heat-resistant. They’re also water and impact-resistant. Additionally, resin mixes without any metallic elements do not conduct electricity.

Does your project area include machinery or vehicles with wheels? Have no fear of tire marks or scuffs when you choose epoxy resin flooring. Spills and stains won’t mark your precious new flooring, either.

Your new commercial and industrial epoxy floors are easier to clean than ever. Say goodbye to power washing and hours of scrubbing – the smooth, shiny surface of an epoxy-coated floor can be easily mopped, wiped, or swept to remove debris, spills, and other messes. No cracks or crevices exist for dirt to hide in when you have a beautiful epoxy floor.

Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating

We make the installation of Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating fast and simple.

How We Install Houston, TX Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Installing epoxy coating is a multi-step process that can be difficult for non-professionals to perform. That’s why we recommend choosing an experienced team of flooring experts to complete the process. The team at Epoxy Technology Coatings can provide fast and easy installation for your project.

However, those who are curious about the proper methods can read below to learn more about the installation process for Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating.

Floor Preparation

First, the existing floor must be prepared so the resin can adequately adhere to its surface. The floor should be cleaned of dust, stains, and debris. Any hardened material coated on the floor should be scraped off as well.

Vacuuming and thoroughly scrubbing the floor should take care of any remaining loose material. The floor must also be sanded or acid-etched to create small abrasions in which the epoxy can take hold.

First Coat

Next, you can add your first coat of epoxy resin. Before you begin this part, ensure the room you’ll be applying it in has an ambient temperature of about 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Your resin should also be at room temperature.

When using the resin, ensure the edges of each application don’t dry out because this could cause noticeable seams in the resin layers. Be sure to work quickly to cover the entire room. After the first coat, wait at least two hours for the layer to dry completely.

Second Coat

The second coat is where you can add more details, such as blended flakes or brindle flakes, to bring more texture to the surface. Apply the coat, then, while the epoxy is still wet, spread around the chips as desired for the design you want. After this layer is finished, be sure to let it cure and harden for at least 24 hours.

Epoxy Can Handle the Job

We hope that this brief introduction to the wonders of epoxy flooring has you interested in our work. Its strength, longevity, and durability make it an incredible material for commercial projects. Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings today to get a free quote on our Houston, TX industrial grade epoxy floor coating services.

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