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Transform Your Industrial Concrete Floor | Houston, TX

If you work in a hazardous commercial environment, a Houston, TX industrial concrete floor may not be enough to provide adequate safety for you and your coworkers. Concrete surfaces are prone to absorbing harmful chemicals, getting incredibly slippery when wet, and making it difficult to identify spills and other hazards.

However, these floors can easily be improved by the addition of durable epoxy resin coating. Your production facilities can become safer environments with durable floors that are easy to clean. Notable areas can be marked off with bright colors to prevent intrusion or injuries. Messes will be far easier to wipe up on the smooth surface provided by epoxy resin.

If you’re interested in upgrading your work environment, contact Epoxy Technology Coatings. We serve clients in the Greater Houston area from our multiple office locations. Contact the office nearest you for a free consultation on your industrial flooring projects.

Who We Are

Epoxy Technology Coatings has been providing Texans with incredible, durable epoxy resin coating since 2005. We’re committed to bringing you incredible installation and flooring services with our unique blend of epoxy resin coating. Our company values these tenets – Quality, Speed, and the Best Solutions.

When you choose to work with us, we promise to provide reliability, speed, 24/7 service, readiness to solve any issues you’re experiencing, and all-around support. We want our customers to feel valued and taken care of, so we’ll answer your questions or concerns at any time.

Houston, TX industrial concrete floor

High-gloss epoxy resin can breathe new life into your Houston, TX industrial concrete floor and improve visibility.

Epoxy Resin is Great for Your Houston, TX Industrial Concrete Floor

There are numerous benefits to using epoxy resin flooring for your Houston, TX industrial concrete floor. The unique properties of epoxy make it a great choice for creating a safer work area. For example, epoxy resin is much more slip-resistant than concrete. Avoid dangerous accidents and falls by coating your factory floors with our sturdy epoxy flooring.

In addition to making foot traffic safer, any machinery or tools with wheels will have improved traction on an epoxy floor. Carrying around large objects with a forklift will be much easier on our smooth flooring solutions. Should any heavy objects fall on the ground, don’t worry – the floor is also impact resistant. Epoxy resin-coated flooring won’t crack underneath the pressure of a heavy item.

Epoxy resin floors are also heat resistant and chemical resistant. They won’t absorb stains (though you should be aware that existing stains can still seep through from below), and brightly-colored resins can more easily show areas where liquid has been spilled. You won’t need to power wash your floors to clean them anymore when you have a smooth resin covering. As another bonus, darker areas can be brightened with the reflection provided by high-gloss epoxy flooring, improving overall visibility.

Types of Epoxy We Offer

We have over 200 colors of beautiful epoxy resin available to match your existing structures or mark off important areas. If you need a color that we don’t provide, we can also make a custom resin mix just for you. We want you to be happy with the way your industrial and commercial areas look, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a special epoxy design idea in mind.

Houston, TX industrial concrete floor

Solid flakes are an excellent option for either neutral hues or bright colors.

Solid Epoxy Floor Colors

Our solid epoxy colors are great for creating modest surfaces or highlighting important areas in a room. Choose from bright, bold colors, such as Safety Red and Safety Yellow, or use neutral hues such as Tan and Mocha. Medium Grey can be used to mimic the look of a classic concrete floor, or you can use Sable Grey for a slightly lighter covering.

Blended Flake Epoxy Floor Coverings

The blended flake epoxy floor coverings we offer include wonderful blends of any kind of tone you like. We can mix colors of any shade, no matter how dark or light they are. The flakes you choose for your epoxy can be large, small, or medium size, depending on how detailed you want your flooring to be.

For stylish bigger flakes, check out Tuxedo with 1/4″ blended flakes. Our 1/8″ blended flakes come in mixes such as Gray Sky.

Brindle Flake Epoxy Floor Colors

Our brindle flake epoxy floor colors use large flakes with streaks of natural colors to make your surfaces look like real stone. Smaller chips fill in the gap and add to the natural look. Try out some of our colors, such as Obsidian and Pumice, to mimic stone surfaces.

Houston, TX industrial concrete floor

Our metallic color selection invokes a volcanic lava flow style.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Colors

We’re proud to present our gorgeous metallic epoxy floor colors. The special process we use to create this epoxy gives it a lava-flow look that is great for lighting up showrooms, galleries, and restaurants. If you need head-turning colors and styles, give Maui, True Blue, and Sunset Orange a try.

If you still want a bright metallic finish but prefer a slightly more natural look, give our metallic mica flake mixes a try. We have elegant mixes such as Crushed Brown Glacier and Silver Bronze.

Spruce Up Your Houston, TX Industrial Concrete Floor

Concrete floors just don’t cut it when it comes to industrial spaces. They have far too many weaknesses against high impact, heat, water, and foot traffic. Their durability can be quite poor, causing them to crack or chip easily. A hazardous environment with lots of expensive equipment shouldn’t be burdened with low-quality flooring.

That’s why you should switch to epoxy resin flooring and improve the safety of your workplace. Not only will it look nicer and be easier to clean, but its durability will also make it last for years to come.

Call us today to learn more about our unique epoxy resin installation services. We can easily upgrade your Houston, TX industrial concrete floor and improve the safety of your commercial areas.

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