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Industrial Epoxy Coating | Katy, TX

Epoxy Technology Coatings provides a professional quality Katy, TX industrial epoxy coating for your commercial space. A lot goes into laying down an industrial epoxy coating, and the experts here know how much goes into laying it. They will handle your floor with care to ensure that it comes out superb. We have the best of the best here, so do yourself a favor and let the best help you.

What All Goes Into Laying Katy, TX Industrial Epoxy Coating?

Katy TX industrial epoxy coating

Katy, TX industrial epoxy coating done well can be a blessing. See how our team does it.

The precautions for laying an epoxy coating are easy to overlook. The area where you wish to have an epoxy coating must be at the right temperature and humidity levels. The mixture of the epoxy must also have a precise ratio.

If the temperature is off in the area, it can result in your epoxy coating peeling later on down the road, which can cause several problems. If the mixture ratio is off, it can cause problems with the curing of the epoxy. A bad epoxy coating job can almost ruin your establishment with the effects it causes. The reviews our valued customers leave for us show that the experts at Epoxy Technology Coatings love their job, and they love doing a great job.

The professionals here at Epoxy Technology Coatings know what they are doing and get it done each time correctly. They know what could happen if they mess up and the damage it can cause to your establishment, and they will not let that happen. Put your trust in us, and we promise you will not regret doing so.

Is Epoxy Worth It?

Yes. An epoxy coating is always worth it if your establishment is run out of a warehouse, industrial plant, garage, or any establishment with a concrete floor. An epoxy coating offers so many benefits that could help your establishment.

An epoxy coating makes your floor slip-resistant, impact-resistant, and fire-resistant. It will add a layer of durability and a great look to your establishment. It helps protect your floor from the elements.

An epoxy coating will help manage your cleaning better, as it will be easier to clean spills up because it will be able to withstand spills from oils, chemicals, foods, and other damaging threats. Making your epoxy flooring reflective could help your establishment’s brightness and visibility, which could help prevent accidents.

If you are looking to get an epoxy coating done in your parking or auto garage, that coating will allow you to clean up leaks from cars off your floor, it adds traction support, and it will be a lot easier to clean off tire marks.

Let Epoxy Technology Coatings do your flooring to make your life easier. Let us take some weight off your shoulders so you can kick your feet back a little. We are here to help, and we are here to be with you on your epoxy coating journey.

What Happens If My Epoxy Peels?

Katy, TX epoxy flooring for pharmaceutical industry

Epoxy Technology Coatings offers greatness every time.

A peeling epoxy can not only make your floor look unattractive, but it can cause some severe problems within your workspace. Your staff could trip over peeling epoxy, which can be very serious, depending on the establishment. Suppose there are hazardous chemicals or materials around, or your staff typically handles hazardous chemicals or materials. In that case, tripping and falling is the last thing you want in your workspace.

The experts here at Epoxy Technology Coatings consider instances like that when preparing your epoxy coat to ensure no peeling happens. Our experts take step-by-step precautions to get your flooring done right the first time. Our work reflects our business and what we stand for. We stand for excellent epoxy coatings, and we deliver just that and more.

The Icing on The Cake

After the decision is made that you want to have the experts at Epoxy Technology Coatings lay epoxy on your flooring, you get to choose if you want a color or not. Getting a pop of color on your floor is entirely up to you.

If your establishment is following a certain aesthetic or look, we suggest you take a look at the color options we provide. Here at Epoxy Technology Coatings, we offer the most extensive array of colors with over 200 tones to pick from.

Adding color to your floor will add more character to your place, making it more you. Walking on a standard epoxy-coated floor is great. Walking on a colored epoxy-coated floor – better.

You can view our gallery to see our solid colors, blended flake colors, brindle flake, and even metallic colors. If there is a chance that you don’t see a color you like from our gallery, we will come together with you to create a custom color. We don’t just work for you; we work with you. Our company ensures industrial epoxy coating is done great every time with the help of you and our experts.

Getting a Hold of Us

You can call us to get a fast and free estimate on your floor; we will send our experts to view your floor to provide a competitive and affordable quote. We also offer a form to fill out on our site under our “Contact Us” tab, where you will provide your name, phone number, email, the subject of the matter, and message. Once you submit that form, our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible, as we strive for excellent customer service.

Katy TX commercial flooring systems

Epoxy Technology Coatings is here to deliver the best around town.

Where Are We?

Epoxy Technology Coatings has multiple locations. We are set up in Richmond, and we have two locations in Houston. Our services are provided to Houston and its greater surrounding areas.

If you are curious if we can provide our services in your area, all you have to do is give us a call, and we can tell you on the spot. If our services can be provided to your area, we recommend you take us for the job; the experts here will ensure your industrial epoxy coating is perfectly done.

Katy, Texas Fun facts!

  • Katy, TX is one of the top cities that people relocate to.
  • Katy is home to the Katy Mills mall, one of the tourist destinations in the Houston area.
  • Katy used to be called Cane Island.