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Katy, TX industrial flooring needs to be strong, long-lasting, and able to withstand a lot of abuse. Concrete is a common material to use for these types of floors, but is it really the best solution?

At Epoxy Technology Coatings, we believe we have a much more reliable and certainly better-looking solution. Industrial flooring is great for all kinds of commercial spaces.

If you want a better Katy, TX industrial flooring alternative to concrete, then give us a call today. We can provide you with a free consultation. Feel free to visit us at our office in Richmond or either of our other two Houston locations.

Katy, TX industrial flooring

We have renovated over one million square feet of Katy, TX industrial flooring since 2005.

A Better Alternative For Katy, TX Industrial Flooring

For years, concrete flooring has been used in many industrial shops. We will admit that concrete is quite durable for a while. However, it definitely has its drawbacks.

First, concrete can crack and chip away, resulting in deep dents and pits where dirt, dust, and chemicals get trapped. It can also stain easily. Therefore, your floors never really look clean.

When it is wet, concrete can get incredibly slippery and become hazardous to you or your workers. Concrete flooring also has a way of making any space look dark, dingy, and old. It doesn’t reflect light very well, which can make for a challenging lighting problem.

Other types of flooring can have similar problems, such as wood, stone, or tile. Wood wouldn’t last five minutes in any industrial shop. Stone and tile crack way too easily, creating sharp edges, and they are porous, which makes them unideal for handling chemical spills. So what is the better alternative?

The answer is epoxy flooring. Epoxy starts off as a liquid when it is first poured. It is very malleable and can easily form into any shape and size. But once it cures properly, it can be harder than concrete.

That may seem difficult to believe. However, epoxy flooring from Epoxy Technology Coatings offers flooring that can withstand nearly anything that happens in your shop.

Epoxy is impact-resistant. Therefore, if you drop something heavy, like heavy material or tools, whatever you drop might suffer more damage than your floor will.

Slip resistance is another benefit of epoxy. With epoxy flooring, you can reduce the number of falls and injuries that can occur in your shop.

As an industrial shop, you probably deal with a lot of chemicals, oils, and other liquids that can ruin the look and integrity of the flooring. We add a chemical-resistant coating that can help protect your flooring, which also makes it perfect for cleaning. Not only is epoxy easy to sweep, but you can use your favorite cleaners and degreasers on your floor without ruining the special coating.

Our floors are heat resistant which is perfect for this type of industry work, and they can reflect light. Reflecting light might seem unimportant, but if you work in a shop where you struggle to provide adequate lighting without running up your energy bill, then our epoxy flooring is your perfect solution. Without high gloss coating, your lights will bounce off the floors, brightening up even the darkest rooms without having to add more lights.

Katy, TX industrial flooring

Our flooring is a great way to add more light, making your shop safer to work in.

What Our Services Include

When you call Epoxy Technology Coatings for flooring, one of the first things we will do is provide you with a free consultation. We will come to you and determine how long it will take based on the size and how much it will cost.

If you are satisfied with the price, we will discuss what it is you want. You will have the chance to discuss any colors your want and additions, such as flakes, specially marked-off areas, and decorative colors.

We offer hundreds of solid colors and can customize any color you would like. This is great if you are looking for a way to stand out from your competition or match logo colors.

We also provide metallic colors that can have an interesting marbling effect.

Flakes are great for a few reasons. One, they can be used as decorative additions, and our metallic flakes reflect light.

Flakes can also hide dirt and dust. If you have a surprise visit from a client, and you didn’t have time to run the push broom over the shop floor before they came, flakes can act as camouflage to make your floors still look clean.

They come in multiple sizes and colors, and we can broadcast as much or as little amount of flakes as your want into your flooring.

Brindle flakes can come in colors such as Obsidian, Garnet, Cobalt, and many other natural tones. Blended flakes can come in colors such as Fire Red, Desert, Brick, Graphite, River Rock, and tons of other colors.

We recommend looking at our before and after photos to see what we have done in the past and what you could get.

Why Choose Epoxy Technology Coatings

Our company has been servicing the great Houston area and installing epoxy flooring for over fifteen years. This material is tricky to master. It has a lot of benefits, but it takes a lot of patience and a bit of time to work with.

Many people attempt to install this type of flooring on their own. While we don’t want to discourage people from doing their own renovations, if you are not familiar with how to do it, tackling a large job such as a shop may be complicated to handle.

Epoxy flooring is all we do. Therefore, we have mastered the art of applying the material so that it comes out smooth, even, and looks amazing.

Our services are always available, and we will ensure that your flooring is completed in a timely manner. We work hard for our clients and want to ensure that everyone is happy with our results. We know we have what it takes to make your shop look great, and we want you to contact us today to discuss what we can do for your Katy, TX industrial flooring needs.

Katy, TX industrial flooring

Contact us today for your free consultation.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX

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  • Check out the unique stores and shops in Old Town Katy.
  • Enjoy the Rice Festival Katy holds each year.