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Industrial Concrete Coatings | Missouri City, TX

Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings

Our special Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings are perfect for any business.

If you decide to invest in Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings, you’ll understand why they’re so beloved by so many companies. Concrete is a tried-and-true flooring material that works well for plenty of situations, but some areas could benefit from a much more substantial material. Enter industrial concrete coatings.

Using epoxy to coat concrete is like getting a power-up in a video game. You may already be pretty strong, but wouldn’t you like to be stronger? You’re versatile, but what if we told you that you could become even more adaptable? That’s what epoxy coating does for concrete surfaces.

If you thought that concrete was incredible before, you’ve never seen anything quite like concrete with a heaping helping of epoxy resin on the top. The experts at Epoxy Technology Coatings can show you just how strong, durable, and resilient concrete can be when you add a few layers of epoxy to it. Take a look at our before and after photo gallery to witness the incredible flooring transformations we’ve provided for past customers.

Call us today if you’d like us to perform a flooring miracle for you. We’ll visit your location, scope out the project area, and provide you with a free, competitive quote on work and materials. Our team can show you the true power of Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings.

Epoxy and Its Properties

Two parts make up epoxy: a resin and a hardener. Epoxy is a strong polymer. We’re not going to give you a long, boring explanation full of technical terms. In any case, we can say that resin is usually a liquid whose molecules are made up of many oxygen atoms. The hardener is usually a solid made up of molecules that have many nitrogen atoms in them.

When they are put together, they cause a chemical reaction that makes them very strong adhesives. The new material is also very strong against damage from water, heat, electricity, impact, and chemicals, among other things. When put under up to 10,000 pounds of pressure, epoxy doesn’t break. It can also stand up to temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is very common to find this strong adhesive in a wide range of business and industrial settings. For instance, epoxy is often used in electronics because it can both stick things together and keep them from moving. Epoxy is used to join metal parts together in the aerospace and auto industries because they know that its strength will keep the bond from breaking down. Except for canvas and flexible rubber, epoxy can be used to bond almost any other material.

The only real weakness epoxy has is low resistance to UV rays. If left out in sunny conditions for extended periods, the epoxy resin will become yellow and begin to peel.

Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings

Epoxy contains all sorts of beneficial properties.

Flooring Solutions

One of the most common visible applications of epoxy resin is its use as a floor coating. Epoxy Technology Coatings specializes in this usage, providing residents of the Greater Houston area with high-quality flooring solutions. We offer our special epoxy resin mixtures for use in both residential settings and commercial businesses.

Our Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings can benefit any kind of business, from a commercial kitchen to an airplane hangar. Because epoxy can resist much more than your average wear and tear, it protects surfaces in many environments. For example, a commercial kitchen owner won’t have to worry about their epoxy floors being stained by food or liquid spills. Someone who runs a public parking garage can rest easy knowing that their floors won’t get unsightly tire or skid marks and actually improve vehicle traction.

With such impressive versatility, it’s no wonder epoxy-coated flooring is a popular choice for businesses. Its strength gives it long-lasting endurance, and its easy-to-clean, slip-resistant surface makes its upkeep much more manageable.

Just how much better does epoxy-coated concrete perform when compared to regular concrete? Let’s find out.

Concrete versus Epoxy-Coated Concrete

Our first test is water resistance. Imagine pouring a cup of water onto a concrete surface. Concrete is a porous material, so it would quickly soak up the water, and the area would remain wet for a good while. A smooth, sealed epoxy surface, on the other hand, wouldn’t absorb the water at all, allowing it to be wiped up with a towel.

Now, let’s consider heat resistance. High temperatures can cause weaker concrete mixes to expand and crack. However, when appropriately sealed, an epoxy floor will stand firm against certain heat levels. Some epoxy mixes are even resistant to open flames!

Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings

Upgrade your parking garage’s concrete floors with a generous epoxy resin coating.

An area where both materials stand on roughly even ground is electrical resistance. Both can be used as insulation for electronic components, as neither will conduct electricity. However, if your epoxy mix contains any sort of metal materials, such as metallic flakes, it’s not entirely electric-proof.

The final test we’ll cover is chemical resistance. Concrete tends to crack or chip when faced with strong, potent chemicals. Epoxy won’t absorb chemicals or deteriorate from exposure to them.

The fact that concrete “loses” in this scenario is actually a good thing, though – its weakness to acid means that it can be etched, which helps improve the grip epoxy has when the two are bonded. Acid etching is actually a vital part of the epoxy coating process, so you may not consider this a weakness at all.

Call Us About Our Missouri City, TX Industrial Concrete Coatings

We hope you’ve learned a little about the wonders of epoxy resin coating and how it can benefit your business. Concrete fans and epoxy fans don’t have to fight – the materials are better together! Laying a few coats of epoxy on top of the concrete is easier than ever when you let a professional installation team handle the job, like the fine staff members of Epoxy Technology Coatings.

We offer our floors in a wide range of fun color options, so there is sure to be something that fits your industrial business needs. If you’d like to learn more about our fantastic Missouri City, TX industrial concrete coatings, feel free to call us today.

Fun Facts for Missouri City, TX:

  • Missouri City got its name from the flock of settlers that arrived from Missouri.
  • Its nicknames are “Mo City” and “The Show Me City.”
  • The residents of Missouri City discovered an oil deposit in 1919.