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Residential Epoxy Flooring | Katy, TX

You can easily increase your home’s value by hiring us to install residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX. Our talented team of expert contractors has years of experience improving surfaces using the wondrous material known as epoxy resin coating. A residential epoxy flooring will surely turn your home garage into something special.

Though our main clients hire us for commercial projects, we love working on residential spaces, such as garages. Feel free to view our before and after photos if you’d like to see examples of our extensive work history.

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residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX

We can make any color or style of residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX you want. We can even help you match your car or motorcycle!

Improving Your Garage with Residential Epoxy Flooring Katy, TX

There are plenty of great reasons to invest in epoxy floor coating for your home’s garage. For example, a professionally installed epoxy resin coating provides a durable, waterproof surface that is resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and staining. Garages are prone to all kinds of messes, from oil leaks to wet tire tracks.

If you do any sort of woodworking or crafting in your garage, there’s a good chance you may spill some chemicals on the floor someday as well, like paints, varnishes, or other finishes. With a highly-resistant epoxy floor coating, your new garage floor won’t absorb water, chemicals, or any other elements. Unlike standard concrete, which is porous, epoxy keeps substances from seeping into the floor.

It also creates a non-slip surface, making it safer for those walking on it. It never hurts to make as many parts of your residence as accident-free as possible, especially if you live in a rainy climate and tend to come home tracking water into your garage. If your garage is used as a recreational space, it’s even more important for everyone who goes inside to be able to cross through it safely.

Additionally, epoxy flooring can be customized with colors and patterns to match any style. Our vast selection of different epoxy resin colors and styles can be made to accent, complement, or outright match other parts of your home or garage.

Finally, epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for garages. As mentioned before, a home’s garage is prone to accumulating all kinds of dust, debris, and spills. Woodworkers will have a much easier time sweeping up sawdust with a shiny, smooth epoxy floor. Spills that land on top of residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX can be mopped up in seconds.

The Perks of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy resin floor coating is a material made of a combination of resins and hardeners. It’s typically applied in at least two coats, with the first coat being a primer and the second coat being the topcoat. This topcoat can be customized with colors and patterns to match any style.

Once cured, it forms a strong bond with the substrate, making it highly durable and providing a non-slip surface. Additionally, epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for garage floors and other areas.

residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX

Safety Red can be used for residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX to mark off particular areas of your garage.

Our Epoxy Types and Colors

One of the great aspects of residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX is that it comes in various styles to suit your tastes. If you like natural-looking textures and muted neutral colors, we have a mix for you. Conversely, if you’re in the market for flashy, shiny, and positively glowing metallic hues, we have a solution for you as well! Read more to learn about our epoxy floor offerings.

Solid Epoxy Colors

Our selection of solid epoxy floor colors consists of both bold and neutral solid colors that make a statement all by themselves. We have plenty of pigments (epoxy and polyaspartic) to choose from, including earthy tones like Mocha, Tan, and Tile Brown, as well as bolder colors like Safety Red, Jade Green, and Ford Blue.

We also have beautiful quartz options in this category, such as Gray Haze, Slate, and Warm Terracotta. These are excellent options if you want your floor to have a subtle, textured look that mimics real quartz surfaces.

Blended Flake Epoxy

If you want even more texture, you can try our blended flake epoxy flooring. You can mix and match various colors and flake sizes to create your own custom epoxy blend. Choose from either 1/4″ or 1/8″ blended flakes, depending on how detailed you want your design to look, then pick from colors like Brick, Gray Sky, Raging Red, Rust, Summer Day, and Tuxedo. We’re more than happy to make a custom color of flakes for you as well if none of our existing colors fit your project.

You can incorporate dark shades, bright shades, or both when you choose our blended flake mixes. Try mixing shades you like to find a great mix for your residential epoxy flooring!

Brindle Flake Epoxy

Our brindle flake epoxy floor colors provide a slightly different texture to your surfaces. Some of our popular mixes mimic the look and texture of real stone, such as Cobalt, Pumice, and Obsidian. These striking neutrals can bring a touch of the outdoors to the inside of your garage.

residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX

Do you want your floors to sparkle? We can install gorgeous lava flow metallic mika flake residential epoxy flooring Katy, TX.

Metallic Lava Flow Epoxy

Perhaps the most stunning of our offerings, our lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors are perfect for any surface that needs an elegant allure. Typically chosen for showrooms, restaurants, and other types of visually striking areas, these gorgeous epoxy mixes come in several brilliant shades, such as cool hues like Maui, Pearl, and True Blue. If you want a warm tone for your garage, try Sunset Orange, Suede, Red Burst, or Coffee.

We also have even shinier surfaces available thanks to our metallic Mika flake mixes, which include shades like Bronze Age, Silver Night, and Crushed Brown Glacier.

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Fun Facts for Katy, TX:

  • Katy is home to the world’s first rice-drying plant, which was built in 1904.
  • Katy has a unique feature known as the “Katy Freeway,” which is the widest freeway in the United States.
  • The city of Katy was named after the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, which was nicknamed the “M-K-T” or “Katy.”