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Richmond TX Garage Floor Resurfacing

Is the next project you’re thinking about related to Richmond TX garage floor resurfacing? Perhaps you’re wondering what concrete resurfacing is. Or perhaps you’re wondering what the benefits are of giving your concrete a cosmetic change?

Richmond TX Garage Floor Resurfacing

Resurface your garage to breathe life back into it.

Perhaps you’re asking none of those questions, but you should take a look at your garage floors anyway. Do you see any sporadic cracks and holes? Is the original design fading or can you see some spots eroding because of the seasons? These are all signs your concrete floor is showing its age.

Concrete is one of the most durable materials, but it can’t last against time and nature either. After years of abuse from the seasons, vehicular and foot traffic, and the occasional chemicals, concrete can start showing damage. It may only start out tiny but can build up over the years and grow more severe.

Even if these signs start out superficial, they could become problematic down the line if you don’t take care of them soon. Whether it’s a residential or commercial garage, resurfacing your concrete floor is an excellent way to keep it lasting another 10 to 20 years.

Richmond TX Garage Floor Resurfacing

Resurfacing your garage floor is another way to repair it. By removing part of the top layer and pouring a new one down, you can cut away any damage before it grows any further. The new layer will also bind together with the old, forming a solid slab that will last another couple of decades.

Not to mention, because you’re refinishing the floor, you update or add a design on the concrete. Plain concrete can be drab and boring, so this will allow you to add decor to your garage from the bottom up.

Richmond TX Garage Floor Resurfacing

Repair and update your concrete by resurfacing it.

Resurfacing Concrete Comes With Some Elbow Grease

To make your garage floor look brand new again, an ample amount of preparation is needed.

The first step is always to clean your garage floor. Power wash the floor of any dirt, oil, grease, paint, sealer, and garage floor coatings away. Anything that can inhibit the resurfacer, the new layer, from binding to the original concrete needs to go. A professional may also use some chemical solutions to make sure your garage is clean of any unwanted solvents.

Once your floor is clean, you can finally assess the full extent of any damage. You’ll need to fill any cracks and holes. If there’s any unsound concrete, such as spalling, scaling, or delamination, you’ll need to level those down to solid concrete. Professionals often use a grinder or shot-blaster to “rough” up the surface while stripping the top layer off; this is so the resurfaced has a better grip on the concrete.

As the resurfacer cures, you can implement the design details you want. Staining it will permanently alter the color of the concrete, similar to staining wood floors. Stamping it will add unique shapes to the floor and is often done around pool decks or driveways. Like an epoxy floor coating, adding a finish will seal the concrete and reduce future wear and tear.

After the resurfacer cures for 48 to 72 hours, you’ll be able to walk on it. However, before you can move your vehicles back in, it’ll take another day or two. And now you have a new-looking garage floor that will last you a long time.

When is the Optimal Time?

Richmond TX garage floor resurfacing can happen between two periods for your concrete. Before a certain point, there’s no point in resurfacing when a simple repair will work. After a certain point, you may be better off replacing the entire slab instead of refinishing it. Resurfacing concrete is the middle option between two extremes, and you’ll need to confirm where your concrete lies before going forward.

Sometimes your garage is well maintained and better protected from the elements than most. You might see the occasional crack or hole, but those are sporadic. If they’re no wider than a 1/4 inch, then it’s a waste of resources and time to resurface your entire garage. You’re better off repairing it yourself.

However, the mixture for repairs may be a slightly different shade than your garage floor. If the cracks and holes form in a dense area, the discoloration will be more obvious. At that point, it’d be simpler for you to resurface your floor than make numerous repairs.

On the other hand, sometimes your garage won’t be as lucky and show signs of damage early on. It could be from structural issues, or the location was unideal. Regardless of whatever caused it, you’re left with a floor that you don’t want to walk over particularly. However, if the damage is severe enough, even resurfacing it may not repair it.

Resurfacing your floor may not work if it’s heaving, damaged from winter freezes, or has severe cracks. Resurfacing will not fix any underlying structural or soil issues. If the issues behind your garage floor’s damage are due to its structural integrity, you should consult a professional before moving forward. Whether or not you can still resurface it or replace it will depend on the extent and depth of the damage.

Coming to a Decision

Richmond TX Garage Floor Resurfacing

Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings about Richmond TX Garage Floor Resurfacing.

Even commercial businesses or industrial floors benefit from resurfacing their concrete floors. Your business or residential building’s garage can do the same. Resurfacing your garage floors will allow it to last for a couple more decades while also refreshing its appearance. There are several design options you can choose to update your garage floor with.

If you do choose to go through with resurfacing your garage, you should consult a professional contractor. They can assess and judge the condition of your garage floor before starting the process. If anything unexpected happens, they’ll be able to handle it on the scene.

Of course, you can start the project yourself, but if you want it done right the first time, you should contact a contractor. The experts at Epoxy Technology Coatings will be able to help you with any Richmond TX garage floor resurfacing questions or projects you may have.

Richmond, TX Fun Facts:

  • The city of Richmond used to be a single log hut.
  • Then it grew to be a center of a cattle empire before the Civil War.
  • After the industrial era, Richmond turned to oil production.
  • For more fun facts, visit Richmond’s official website.