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Richmond TX Concrete Resurfacing

Are you thinking about a Richmond TX concrete resurfacing project for your residential or commercial floors? Or are you wondering what concrete resurfacing is? Perhaps what resurfacing your concrete can do for you in the long term.

Concrete resurfacing is an excellent method to refresh your concrete floors. Do you see more cracks and holes appear in your concrete surfaces? Perhaps there are some patches of discoloration, either from the seasons or the numerous repairs you’ve made. Or maybe your concrete’s design is fading from its original luster and color, making it less pleasant to view.

Richmond TX Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing your concrete can repair small damages and give it a new look.

These signs all point toward your concrete showing its age. Although concrete is one of the most durable materials, even it can’t stand the test of time. After years of abuse from the seasons, vehicular and foot traffic, and occasional chemical spillages, concrete will show some issues.

The longer you don’t address these issues, the more that might crop up. Resurfacing your concrete is one way of fixing superficial problems, allowing your concrete surfaces to last another 10 to 20 years.

Plain concrete can appear drab and boring. Unless you’re fine with that, there are several design options you can choose to give your concrete surfaces some flair. You can update or add a design since you’ll have a new and smooth concrete surface again. These go well with most locations, from pool decks to driveways and garages.

Consult a concrete contractor today to find out if it’s time for your aging floors to get a new look.

The Basics of Richmond TX Concrete Resurfacing

Instead of ripping up your concrete floors and starting over completely, you can resurface them. A professional would remove the top layer of your concrete, repair any minor cracks, and then pour a new surface. As it dries, you can shape it for texture or add colors. After it dries, you can add a coating, like epoxy resin, to seal the concrete and give it a shiny glow-up.

The Basic Work of Resurfacing Concrete

As with any flooring project, you need ample preparation before you can start. The first step is cleaning the concrete you’ll be resurfacing. Usually done with a high-intensity power washer, you’ll need to remove any dirt, paint, coats, sealers, oil, and grease stains. Anything that can inhibit the new layer from binding to the old one needs to go.

Once you can see the full extent of your aging concrete, you’ll need to assess all the damages it accrued. If there are tiny cracks running beneath the surface, you can repair them. If there’s some spalling, scaling, or delamination, you’ll need to level those out to solid concrete.

Contractors often use a grinder or shot-blaster to shave off the top layer and “roughen” up the concrete in the process. This is in preparation for the new layer. The new layer, or resurfacer, is a type of polymer mix that will bind with the concrete below to create a complete concrete slab again.

As it cures, you can add designs to the surface of your concrete surface. You can stain it with colors as the resurfacer hardens, stamp it with shapes, add texture to the surface. After it cures, you can layer an epoxy coating or any other coating on top to seal the concrete and add some shine. The choice is up to you.

It’ll take a day or two after the resurfacer cures before you can step foot on it. If you’re resurfacing a garage or driveway, it’ll take another day or two after that before a vehicle can roll over it. Now you have a new concrete surface that looks great and will last you another couple of decades.

The Optimal Timing to Resurface Your Concrete

Resurfacing your concrete often is useful, but it’s the middle option between two extremes. There are two general categories of when you don’t want to go through with Richmond TX concrete resurfacing. If your concrete isn’t showing too many signs of aging or if time has put it through extreme lengths, resurfacing your concrete may not be suitable.

Richmond TX Concrete Resurfacing

Ask about Richmond TX Concrete Resurfacing to refresh your concrete surfaces.

Sometimes your concrete shows you how durable it is, and there are very few cracks and holes. They’re only peeking out in inconspicuous locations. If these are sporadic and are no wider than 1/4 inch, you could repair these yourself. It’d be a waste of time and money to resurface your concrete only for a few cracks.

However, the repair mixture is often a slightly different color than your concrete. If the repairs are too dense, the discoloration will become obvious. So if tiny cracks and holes are riddling the surface of your floor, you may want to resurface your concrete anyways.

On the other hand, sometimes your concrete crumbles faster than usual. With large cracks and obvious signs of internal issues, resurfacing these concrete slabs might not work out. Since you need a stable slab for the new surface, if the underlying concrete shows signs of internal problems, it’ll ruin the resurfacing process.

If your concrete is heaving, damaged from winter freezes, or has severe cracks, resurfacing may not fix the issue. Resurfacing will not fix any underlying structural or soil problems. If your concrete is showing signs of heavy structural issues, you may want to consult a professional on what needs to be done.

The Step After Deciding to Resurface Your Concrete

Richmond TX Concrete Resurfacing

Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings about resurfacing your concrete floors.

Even your floors need a new look after so many years. Don’t leave it looking desolate and outdated from the passing of time. Resurface it to help it last longer while giving it an updated design.

Resurfacing can be a large project, especially if you want to resurface the floors in a public residential space or a commercial building. Instead of doing the work yourself, it’s highly recommended to contact a contractor. The professionals can resurface your concrete after assessing and judging its structure.

If you want the work done right the first time, contact the experts with Epoxy Technology Coatings. They can help you with any Richmond TX concrete resurfacing projects and questions you have in mind.

Richmond, TX Fun Facts:

  • Richmond is 15 miles from Houston and is part of Fort Bend County.
  • It was established in 1837.
  • This city was a part of the “cattle empire” before the Civil War.
  • For more fun facts, visit Richmond’s official website.