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Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating | Houston, TX

Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating

Our Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating can significantly improve your commercial areas.

Investing in Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating is an excellent opportunity to increase the safety and durability of your warehouse flooring. Not only will it last for decades with proper care, it can also brighten dark spaces, provide increased traction for wheeled vehicles and machines, and resist chemicals, water, heat, impacts, and even electricity.

You might think that such flooring is too good to be true. However, though it sounds like a miracle material, warehouse epoxy floor coating is simply an efficient mix of resin and a hardener. When the chemicals combine, they create a fantastic adhesive effect for electronics, the automotive industry, and even aerospace projects.

Epoxy Technology Coatings uses this incredible material for industrial floor coatings. Its impressive versatility and resilience make it an ideal solution for coating existing surfaces such as concrete to increase their stability and longevity. Not only is it a convenient option for warehouse flooring and industrial facilities, but it looks great, too. Our team has created over 200 different epoxy resin colors to use for projects, and that’s not even counting the combinations of gloss and flakes you can add.

Call us today to learn about our Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating. Reach out to one of our convenient office locations to schedule your free quote, where we will come to you and survey the areas for your project.

The Benefits of Houston, TX Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating

There are plenty of great reasons to invest in our epoxy resin flooring. Firstly, our Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating is perfect for high foot traffic environments. Epoxy is a slip-resistant material, meaning your employees will be safer when traversing the warehouse floor.

It’s also impact-resistant, meaning that any large boxes or equipment that may accidentally fall won’t damage the ground. In fact, epoxy flooring won’t crack under even 10,000 lbs of pressure! Abrasion resistance keeps it from acquiring scratches, tire marks, or other scuffs.

Epoxy’s unique properties can significantly increase visibility and brightness in a room, even in a large warehouse. Our high gloss finish can illuminate areas with its incredible reflectivity. The smooth surfaces that epoxy provides are much easier to clean than concrete flooring, which can develop cracks and crevices that are perfect for trapping dust and debris. Simply sweep or mop your new epoxy-coated floors, and the mess will glide right off.

Speaking of cleaning, epoxy is resistant to spills and stains, meaning you won’t have to power wash surfaces anymore or try to scrub away difficult blemishes on the floor. Concrete is a porous substance that quickly soaks up messes on its surface, but epoxy protects itself and the material underneath it from exterior stains. Chemical spills won’t deteriorate the floor since our warehouse epoxy floor coating is chemical-resistant.

Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating

Quite a lot of preparation goes into warehouse epoxy floor coating installation.

How We Install Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating systems are typically applied in multiple layers to ensure strength and durability. Each layer must cure for several hours before the next one can be laid down. During the floor installation and curing process, it’s best to keep the environment well-ventilated, and anyone entering the room should wear a respirator to avoid fumes from the epoxy.

Before the first layer can be applied, the floor being coated must be prepared. This involves cleaning the surface of any existing debris or messes. Sanding or acid etching the surface is also recommended to improve the bonding process between the epoxy and the flooring.

A base coat is laid down and allowed roughly a day to cure fully. You can apply additional coats depending on how thick you’d like the new coating to be. Should you wish to incorporate brindle or blended flakes into the floor design, this is the step in which we place them. Large, medium, and small chips can create a beautifully textured look for your new flooring.

This is also the step in which we determine the finish of the floor, whether you want a matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish. Higher gloss finishes may not have as much slip-resistance as matte finishes, especially when they get wet, but they provide incredible reflectivity and shine. We’ll help you determine what finish is best for your project.

Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating

Our epoxy floor coatings can work wonders for your warehouse areas!

Types of Epoxy Coatings We Offer

There are several types of styles we can provide for your Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating. For example, you can choose one of our solid epoxy floor colors if you’d like a single-color look for your warehouse floor. We have plenty of bold colors, including Ford Blue, Jade Green, and Sky Blue. There are also plenty of tasteful neutral hues to select from, such as Tan, Mocha, or Sable Grey.

We previously mentioned our flake mixes, which include blended and brindle flake colors. Blended flakes are great for a more natural look that mimics real stone textures, while brindle flakes can add a lovely metallic sheen to your new warehouse epoxy floor coating.

Our blended flakes can combine colors and blend the lightest and darkest of tones into unique new styles. Dream Blue, Rust, and Gray Sky are just a few of your choices for this mix. Brindle flake mixes include colors such as Basalt, Obsidian, and Garnet.

Epoxy Technology Coatings offers a beautiful selection of metallic epoxy colors, including our gorgeous lava flow metallic mixes. These are coated in a unique pattern to create a stunning marbling effect that can help your flooring stand out. Some of our vivid metallic shades include Red Burst, Maui, and True Blue. We can add metallic mica flakes to your mix to give them texture as well.

Hire Us for Your Flooring Needs

The team at Epoxy Technology Coatings wants to work with you to create your dream flooring. We can greatly improve the condition of your existing floors with our incredible Houston, TX warehouse epoxy floor coating.

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