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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring | Katy TX

If you are looking for expert Katy, TX warehouse epoxy flooring services, then Epoxy Technology Coating is your answer. We provide high-quality warehouse epoxy flooring services that will improve the look of your warehouse and even brighten it.

Epoxy Technology Coating has been in the epoxy flooring business for a while and we know what it takes to create a professional-looking floor. Many people often prefer doing their own flooring. However, laying down epoxy can be tricky and messy. Once it is laid down and cured, it can be very difficult to reverse the mistake and start over.

So if you are looking for someone who has a lot of experience in Katy, TX warehouse epoxy flooring then give us a call and we can provide a free quote.

Katy, TX warehouse epoxy flooring

If you are looking to transform your space, call Epoxy Technology Coatings to see how our Katy, TX warehouse epoxy flooring services can help.

The Benefits of Katy, TX Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Flooring is not something most people think about on a day-to-day basis unless you are in the flooring business, that is. Most warehouses have concrete floors, which is fine, but concrete has its drawbacks. It can crack, become incredibly slippery when wet, be challenging to clean, and can make any place look old and drab. With epoxy flooring, you can make your warehouse look incredible, and we can lay it right over your current flooring.

One of the best benefits of epoxy flooring is that it is slip-resistant. Epoxy flooring can typically be found in hospitals, retirement centers, assisted living facilities, veterinarian offices, restaurants, and anywhere else where there may be liquids that can spill.

Another advantage is that epoxy is heat resistant, meaning if a fire ever breaks out in your warehouse, your floors will not be engulfed in flames; if anything else, the flooring will only melt.

Epoxy flooring is also impact-resistant. In warehouses, there is a lot of heavy equipment and tools. Sometimes, those heavy objects drop, which, on any other flooring such as concrete, wood, and tile, can become damaged easily. But with epoxy flooring, things hit the ground, and your floors will hold up to the impact.

Katy, TX warehouse epoxy flooring

Epoxy has a lot of great benefits, including brightening up space without having to spend more money on lighting.

Cleaning is super simple with epoxy flooring. Brooms will glide over your flooring making it easy to clean and pick up dirt. You can use your favorite cleaning supplies such as Simple Green or bleach and it won’t ruin the coating on top of the epoxy.

Lastly, and one of our favorite reasons, is that you can brighten your space up. Good lighting can be an issue sometimes in warehouses, and it can be a safety hazard. However, with epoxy flooring, your lighting can reflect off the gloss coating and create more lighting without having to install more lights. The brightness will, of course, depend on the type of gloss coating you choose. Matte flooring can reflect some, but if you are wanting to brighten your space more, we recommend the high gloss coating.

Types of Floor Coating and Coloring

We offer three types of coating and hundreds of different colors, including custom colors. You can choose from matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss coating. For colors, you can choose just about any color you want. We offer about two hundred premixed colors to choose from. However, if you are looking to match something specific, such as your brand logo, we can help. We also offer textured flooring to help hide dirt and add aesthetic to your space.

Solid colors are pretty self-explanatory. They are simple, solid colors and can come in shades such as Jade Green, Ford Blue, Mocha, and many others. We also offer Safety Red and Yellow to signify specific areas, such as first aid areas and cautionary areas.

Blended flakes are used to add color and can help hide dirt. Sometimes, you don’t have time to sweep the floor before an important client or business associate comes to visit your business. Or perhaps you just don’t like looking at floors that easily get dirty throughout the day. The flakes are the solution you are looking for. These flakes can come in 1/8″ and 1/4″ flakes.

Brindle flakes can add an interesting texture to your floors which can add depth. Our colors such as Obsidian, Basalt Cobalt, Garnet, and Pumice are more earthy and natural-looking tones.

Lastly, we offer metallic colors and Metallic Mika flakes. These floors can have incredible marbling effects and add to an interesting ambiance for your space. They reflect light and come in interesting colors that you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Process

When you give us a call, we can come to you and provide a free consultation. We will be able to look at your space and estimate how long it will take and how much it will be.

If you choose to go with us, there are a few things we can do for you. We will discuss exactly what you are looking to do with your space. We can talk about special colors and any specific areas you want to signify with certain colors. For instance, if you are trying to make a loading and unloading zone, we can use different colors to mark where that is with dividers.

Once we know what you are going for, we can start preparing your flooring. Epoxy can cover just about any type of flooring including concrete, wood, tile, stone, and many other types. We will ensure your flooring is repaired well enough that it will not get in the way of the epoxy. We do not lay down new concrete, but we can do minor repairs so that it does not interfere with the epoxy.

If you would like an idea of what we can do for you, we highly recommend checking out our before and after photos. A lot of our photos are good examples of how bright an area can become with a high-gloss coating.

Contact Us Today

When you call Epoxy Technology Coatings, you can be sure you are calling a highly professional company with excellent service. Our no-obligation consultation allows you to weigh your options, and we don’t start working until we get the ok from you. We work fast, so you can use your space as quickly as possible. We also provide 24/7 service. So give us a call or visit us at our Richmond office for more information on our Katy, TX warehouse epoxy flooring services.

Katy, TX warehouse epoxy flooring

Call our team today to learn more about how our services for more information.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX

  • People first settled in the Katy area back in 1872.
  • It was originally called Cane Island.
  • It wasn’t officially incorporated until 1945.