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Houston TX Residential Epoxy Flooring

There are Houston TX residential epoxy flooring options available. Like with other locations, epoxy floors are also well suited for residential areas. They offer your locations a professional and clean look. With a variety of color and design choices, you can easily choose a pattern that will match what you’re looking for.

Popular in other facilities for hygienic purposes, you can bring an epoxy floor into a residential area for the same reason. They’re easy to clean and maintain, allowing them to remain tidy regardless of the dirt residents tramp in.

Houston TX Residential Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy floors can last longer than other flooring solutions with a durable surface that can weather through rough traffic. They can still look new even after a few decades, so long as you keep maintain them with routine cleaning.

Epoxy floors come in a whole slew of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the most appropriate for the situation. Completely customizable, they also have a glossy finish that makes the room brighter than before. Regardless of where you install them, epoxy floors will attract attention.

And not to mention, epoxy coatings add a protective layer to your concrete floors. Even if the area doesn’t experience too much, an epoxy floor coating will only help your floors last longer than before.

Houston TX Residential Epoxy Flooring

Compared to other flooring solutions, epoxy floors tend to have more advantages than drawbacks. They fit anywhere, so a wide variety of facilities make use of them. Residential areas are one of the many areas that can benefit from epoxy flooring.

Epoxy floor systems are durable. They have a longer lifespan than other floors since they’re abrasion, heat and cold, and chemical resistant. Even if you use harsh cleaning solutions, they won’t tarnish, and it’s difficult to leave scuff marks on them. You can place them in high foot traffic areas, and their color and designs will still be fine.

Since epoxy coatings are seamless, it makes it hard for dirt and microbes to stick around. They’re optimal if you want to upkeep hygiene and are the reason why healthcare facilities install epoxy floors. There are very few things that will stick to its surfaces. These floors are easy to maintain with a quick sweep and mop session.

Houston TX Residential Epoxy Flooring

Give your residential spaces a new look with an epoxy floor.

Regardless of where they are, epoxy floors are bright and professional. With a rainbow of colors and designs to choose from, you’ll have more problems narrowing down your choices than finding the one you want. Whether you add flakes into the coating or want it marbled, you can find the pattern that fits what you’re envisioning. Everything is customizable with epoxy floors, even the gloss level.

The coatings have three levels of gloss: matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. The gloss gives the finishing touch so your epoxy floors can make the room brighter.

The Cons that Come with Epoxy

Nothing only has advantages. There are a few disadvantages that come with Houston TX residential epoxy flooring. Knowing them will help you choose whether adding an epoxy coating to your floor is worth it.

Not even concrete, one of the most durable materials, can stand against time, much less a concrete coating. An epoxy coating is temporary, although it’ll last up to several decades if you maintain them. Eventually, you’ll need to renew them by laying down a new coat.

As an epoxy floor ages, its original shiny luster will dull and grow cloudy. Tiny cracks and chippings can occur. If you’re not careful, they can grow and peel away the coating. When this happens, you’ll need to repair it.

If you have a time constraint, installing an epoxy floor won’t work in your favor. Installing an epoxy floor can take several days, up to a couple of weeks. The prep work that goes into the process takes a long time. And since epoxy floors are done in layers, each layer needs to dry first before you can place the next one.

Not to mention, wet epoxy emits fumes, which smell like ammonia. The darker colors have more hardeners, and more hardeners make the smell more pungent. Of course, this issue isn’t a problem after the installation is complete. The smell dissipates after the epoxy resin dries.

Once you choose a design for your epoxy floors, you’ll be stuck with it for a long time. Epoxy floors take a long time to install, so they also take a long time to remove. In the case where the concrete beneath the coating needs repairs, it’ll take a while to remove the coating. Changing the colors or removing the epoxy coating is an arduous and time-consuming task.

Choosing Epoxy for your Residence

Houston TX Residential Epoxy Flooring

Even residential spaces can benefit from durable epoxy floors.

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for many locations, residential buildings only being one of them. Epoxy floors are professional and bright since they are easy to maintain for a long time. With various resistances, they can withstand the test of time easier than other types of floors. Even if many people trek over them, they can still look new.

With a variety of design options, you can choose an appropriate look with ease. From the colors to the designs you want to etch into the floor, you’ll be able to choose the look you want in your buildings. You can install an epoxy coating anywhere you have concrete floors, therefore protecting your concrete while sprucing it up with a touch of decorative flair.

Once you decide to install an epoxy coating on your floor, you should contact a professional. Before you can start installing an epoxy coating, your concrete floors need to be in an optimal position. They can tell you if you can install an epoxy coating on your floors before you realize too late. And with their expertise, they’ll be able to deal with any issues that can occur during the installation process.

Although you could install it yourself, calling a contractor is most optimal if you want it done right the first time. Contact any of the experts at Epoxy Technology Coatings. They can help you with the Houston TX residential epoxy flooring you want.

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